Katrina Kaif Makes ‘Best Halwa Ever’ For Vicky Kaushal; 5 Of Our Best Halwas You Can Make Anyday
Image Credit: Image credit: Instagram (@katrinakaif)

After all the mystery and suspense that built up around the wedding of Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif’s hush-hush wedding, the fans were in for a delightful surprise when the couple posted their wedding pics on social media, which went viral in no time. Vicky Kaushal and Katrina tied in the knot on 9th December in Rajasthan, the guest list of the private wedding only included friends and family. Rumours are rife that footage from the wedding would release on a popular OTT platform, but until then, the couple is being very selective with the photos that are going out. On Friday, Katrina Kaif took to Instagram to post a story of the halwa that she cooked as part of a Punjabi post-wedding ritual in her new house. “Chaunka Chardhana”, “Maine Banaya”, she wrote proudly in the caption featuring a bowl of Suji Halwa with raisins.  

Soon after, Vicky Kaushal also flaunted his wife’s cooking skills on his Instagram story. ‘Best Halwa Ever’, he wrote in his caption in a picture where he is holding a bowlful of halwa.  

For the unversed, the tradition Katrina Kaif referred to in her story is a popular tradition across many Hindu communities, where the new bride cooks something for the first time in her new house. Interestingly, many brides choose to cook Halwa, as it is fairly easy to put together, and something sweet which is always associated with all things auspicious.  

Irrespective of whether or not you are planning on having a high-profile wedding like that of Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif, you can still make a delish halwa and be a pro at it. Here are five of our most favourite Halwa recipes of all times, fit for all occasions. 

1. Atte Ka Halwa: Not as strenuous as Gajar ka halwa, not as adventurous as Mirchi ka halwa, Atte ka halwa is just ideal for days when the cravings grip you out of nowhere. Just cook wheat with milk, ghee, sugar and loads of nuts and you are done.  

2. Banana Halwa: The good thing about this halwa is that the sweetness is not just derived from the plain ol’ refined sugar but also bananas that are mashed together with ghee, sugar and cardamom. A wholesome treat.  


 3. Beetroot Halwa: It is the season of the beetroot. This deep, pink coloured veggie can be shredded and used to make a pretty, delicious halwa that is fit for the gram.  

4. Apple Halwa:  Chop up some apples and cook them with ghee, mawa and nuts to treat yourself with this sweet and fruit halwa of your dreams. It is really not that tough a deal.  

5. Bread Halwa: Out of fancy ingredients, no problem? You can make halwa with handful of slices of bread lying around as well. Tear up the slices of bread and cook it with ghee, water, sugar, almonds, cashews and cardamom.