Karwa Chauth Special: 4 Alternative Ideas For A Wholesome Sargi
Image Credit: Karwa Chauth Special

Karva Chauth is around, and for some women, this may be their first one. Do you know why the fast of Karva Chauth is considered very difficult? This is because you cannot even drink water for the whole day until the moon appears, and it gets even more difficult, especially when the moon seems very late. This fast is observed for the long life of the husband. But nowadays, many men have also started keeping this fast for their wives. So on this day, both husband and wife observe fast for each other's long life and eat the morning sargi together. 

What is Sargi? 

Sargi is an integral part of Karva Chauth, eaten early in the morning before sunrise. And for this, the entire plate of sargi is decorated, full of wholesome, nourishing foods, so that you are well-fed to fast for the whole day. Here are a few tips for the most nourishing sargi ever.

  1. Liquid items: Must keep juice and buttermilk in sargi. Drink buttermilk before eating anything, as this will aid the digestive system to work smoothly. After buttermilk, eat something and then drink juice in between meals. Finally, drink green tea after ten minutes of completing the meal. 
  2. Avoid heavy food: Since sargi is eaten early in the morning, do not keep heavy food items on your plate. Instead, take more liquids to keep the body detoxed throughout the day. 
  3. Avoid coffee or tea: It is better not to drink coffee and tea; they quickly dehydrate the body. Instead, include nutrient-rich dry fruits in the sargi. 
  4. Avoid fried things: Keep in mind to avoid too many fried items in sargi. Eating fried foods can make you feel sluggish and sleepy. 

With this, your body will be detoxed throughout the day, and you will not feel any weakness in the body.