Karisma Kapoor’s Breakfast Of Poha-Jalebi Is A Droolworthy Treat
Image Credit: Karisma Kapoor/Instagram

Karisma Kapoor loves her food as much as she loves fashion – and the latest testament to that is her glimpses from a recent public appearance, where she enjoyed a breakfast of poha-jalebi. Dressed to the nines in a purple outfit, Karisma appeared to be beaming as she took a bite of the crisp jalebi. Amongst the carousel of photographs that she shared, the actress also posted an aerial shot of her spread – which included a cluster of freshly fried jalebi, poha garnished with pomegranate arils, a bowl of chopped onions topped with a wedge of lime and some sev gathiya for crunch and texture.

An Indori breakfast special, the poha-jalebi is a highly revered combination that has gained cult status over the years. Unlike the Maharashtrian poha which has a mild sweetness to it, the Indore counterpart is tangy and savoury – perfectly complementing the sweet crispness of the jalebi. Since this breakfast spells comfort to so many who grew up eating it, Karisma was no stranger to embracing her love for desi comfort meals. From dal-chawal to chicken curry-dosas and biryani, the actress has a penchant for delicious home-cooking, after which she enjoys sinking her spoon into sinful portions of dessert.

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Similar to her sister Kareena, the actress is a big believer in having a sustainable eating pattern – which prioritises a balance of nutrients and eating what you feel like. True to her Kapoor genes, Karisma is not one to turn down the temptation of mutton curry, parathas or a beautifully roasted turkey from time to time; as well as making sure that no beach vacation is complete without relishing some pad Thai noodles. Tell us what your favourite home-cooked breakfast is, in the comments.