Karisma Kapoor Kickstarts New Year On A Healthy Note
Image Credit: Karisma Kapoor/Instagram, The actor seems to have decided on eating healthy this year.

One of the most popular Bollywood actors of her time, Karisma Kapoor is quite the sensation on social media today, thanks to fitness regime and food choices. Gorgeous at 48, the mother-of-two is an inspiration to many. From acting, the diva has now shifted her focus towards living a better life, and her fans and followers are turning to her for healthy lifestyle tips.  

While we aren’t surprised to see Karisma gorging on something or the other on most days, she balances it all with her diet. This year, the actor decided to welcome 2023 on a positive note by eating healthy on the very first day of the year. She posted several Instagram stories, telling her fans that this is her new year, new me kind of a thing. The first story was that of a coffee. A frothy milky beverage was kept on the table, overlooking the pool and she wrote, “Welcome 2023”.  

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Karisma Kapoor

Next, we saw a box full of cut fruits, queued up symmetrically. This colourful box looked absolutely amazing with passion fruit, blueberries, watermelon, pineapple and strawberries filling it up. On this, she wrote, “Here’s a colourful start to the year”, and added a “Hello 2023” sticker to it too. Later in the day, we saw her drinking a cold brew by the pool, with a book kept on the side and her sunglasses too. She captioned this saying, “Vibin”.  

Looks like Karisma had quite a wholesome start to the year. She began with such a fresh and healthy spread on Day 1, and we are looking forward to how well the year goes for the actor.