Kareena Kapoor Turns 42: A Sneak Peak Into Her Food
Image Credit: Kareen giving fitness goals, Instagram

The sizzling Kareena Kapoor Khan turns 42 today. We wish her a very happy birthday. Time and again, this gorgeous Bollywood actress has defied age and given us solid wellness goals. She is famed for her size-zero figure and strict fitness regimen. The mother of two, who is blessed with Taimur Ali Khan and Jehangir Ali Khan, is a self-declared foodie. Nevertheless, Kareena's workout routine for flawlessly radiant skin and a toned figure remains unaffected. She follows that outer beauty is a manifestation of what she nourishes her body from within

Kareen's dietician, Rujuta Diwekar, is one of the women in charge of her fitness routine. She occasionally shares details of Bebo's nutrition, from a healthy snack to a whole meal.

On Kareena Kapoor's birthday, let's learn about a few foods and drinks that keeps her a timeless beauty.

Fox nuts as snacks

Roasted foxnuts, Image Source: simmertoslimmer

She likes to munch on a mid-afternoon snack of makhana (foxnuts).  For those unaware, the 42-year-old actress frequently appears on set with a box of ghee-roasted makhana in hand. Bebo was also questioned about the same in an interview with a top TV channel during her first postpartum time. And she confirmed it saying, "I ate makhana, which is rich in proteins and antioxidants, and it helped me lose weight while retaining my radiance."

Kala namak wala nimbu pani

Kareena swears by this drink. She avoids the afternoon slump by drinking nimbu pani with kesar and black salt. While the ginger and Kala namak combination keep her feeling light. It also prevents bloating on difficult working days. The Kesar does wonders for the hair and complexion. Bebo drinks this miracle potion almost after every meal.

Eating a meal before fitness training

This secret was again revealed by her dietician. The actor eats a nutritious meal sixty to ninety minutes before her workout to ensure that she maximises the activation of muscle fibres while exercising. As a result, she burns more calories after working out, and the benefits are visible faster.

Sustainable diet

Kareena's dietician vouched for a sustainable diet and had shared earlier that the star follows one. Even during her pregnancy, her diet had planned portions of food instead of depriving herself of food. Her first meal was soaked almonds, followed by banana and the second meal had a wholesome serving of curd, rice and papad, or roti, dal and paneer sabzi. Around 12 noon, her third meal was a bowl of fruits, a handful of nuts, or a piece of cheese. The fourth meal used to mango milkshake or bowl of seasonal fruits. Her early dinner was with roti, dal and some veg curry. Before calling it a day, she used to wrap it with turmeric milk with a pinch of nutmeg. 

Nightime pangs of hunger

We all feel that midnight or late night cravings and give in to unhealthy junk. But Kareena keeps it healthy even during such occasions. If she feels starved at night, she munches on fresh fruit, curd or dahi with cashew nuts and raisins. She also relies on lemon juice or nimbu sherbet, tender coconut water and buttermilk. 

Love for wine

Collection of wine, Image Source: Pexels

Kareena is a patron of wine. And she loves to collect the best ones from across the globe. Wine is known for granting a youthful look to its consumer. Kareena is a perfect example of it. 

Coffee can't wait

The Bollywood actress enjoys a cup of coffee every day. She recently had a cup of coffee and dove into the weekend. And she isn't afraid to say as much. In fact, she has openly admitted to loving coffee. During her recent vacation in the UK, the actor expressed her love for coffee again and posted it on her Instagram, captioning it: 

"Waited two years for you, baby," indicating her most loved coffee corner.

Besides all these, Kareena is known for her dedication to fitness. Among all yoga and pilates are go-to-workouts.