Kareena Kapoor Enjoys Safed Makkhan With Makki Roti; Tried Homemade White Butter Yet?

Can you imagine butter chicken without butter? A bowl of Pav Bhaaji without butter on top? I even love khichdi with some butter in it since it gives a slight tinge to the comforting dish. The joy of relishing homemade white butter though is unmatched. I remember how my father used to add dollops of homemade white butter in buttermilk and it used to absolutely delicious. Butter is quite an imperative ingredient in Indian cooking. Be it any dal or sabzi or having a paratha, a dollop of butter on top makes everything tastes heavenly, don’t you agree? Oh, and haven’t you smeared some butter over breads and rusk to relish with a hot cup of piping chai? And how can we forget its goodness when added in so many baked goods? Unbelievably delicious. Besides that, a host of roadside dhabas churn out fresh butter to use over parathas, rotis and lassis. And seems like Kareena Kapoor loves it too. She recently took to Instagram Stories to share a picture of her dinner plate- Sarson Ka Saag with Makki Ki Roti topped with a spoonful of white butter. Nothing spells winter more than this. Kareena Kapoor Khan recently announced that she has tested positive for Coronavirus and is in home quarantine. Seems like relishing wholesome and seasonal food is her mantra to good health.  

While there are many uses and ways in which we indulge in the goodness of butter, many of us generally use the yellow one that comes in packs. But, if you want to enjoy a healthier alternative of your daily salted butter, it's time to churn out some white butter at home. It is pretty easy to make at home using cream or malai that we get from whole milk. But first, it is important to understand why it is better than the store bought one. 

Homemade white butter comes with a lot of benefits that can aid our overall health. It is known to be full of milk proteins, Vitamins D and A, good fats and can also help to boost immunity. Since homemade white butter is made of fresh milk and cream, it does not naturally contain excess salt. You may or may not add it depending on your choice, but the store-bought butter contains excessive added salt, which may increase blood pressure. Homemade butter indeed contains fats, but those are healthier in comparison with the trans-fats present in store-bought butter. 

How To Make White Butter At Home 

Making white butter is extremely easy though a little time consuming. You just start by collecting the cream that gets accumulated atop your whole milk, and set it aside. Store the cream in the freezer until you have collected enough whole cream (about two or three cups of it). Next, allow the cream to sit outside till it comes down to room temperature. Then you can beat it manually or put it in a food processor to separate the butter and buttermilk. Beating though can yield better results. 

Sounds interesting? Try making white butter at home and share your results with us.