Karahi Gosht: Indulge In This Lahori Meat Delicacy This Winter For A Drool-Worthy Meal

With winter comes our soaring cravings for all things warm, comforting and delicious. The season brings with it a variety of delicacies to be savoured to soothe our hearts and souls on the chilly days. From the fresh produce of fruits and veggies to the surging cravings for warm beverages, the winter culinary exquisiteness is endless. 

Personally speaking, winters just force the foodie inside me to indulge in all things warm, robust and comforting in every meal of the day. From parathas for breakfast to a spicy and warm curry along with rice for lunch and stew for dinner, my menu for all meals during winters is sorted and filled with delicacies that are drool-worthy. When at home, our ideal winter lunch is usuna bhata (steamed rice), mansha jhola (mutton curry) along with a refreshing salad on the side. The chilly weather outside is perfect to savour a plate of rice and along with a bowl of piping hot and lip-smacking mutton curry on the side. Last week, while planning for a Sunday meal on Saturday evening, my sister said that she is tired of the regular mansha jhola gravy and needs a change. And all of us somehow agreed with her complaint as we had been eating the same curry for the past two Sundays. After scrounging through the internet, I came across a mutton curry recipe with a spicy and bold gravy along with succulent and tender mutton pieces. Upon reading the recipe, we realized that’s the dish we needed to satiate our cravings for mutton and justify our love for meaty dishes. 

Karahi gosht belongs to the Lahori cuisine. Needless to say, Lahori cuisine is brimming with rich and robust flavours through myriads of mutton and chicken curries and Karahi Gosht is one of them. To make karahi gosht, mutton pieces are rinsed and marinated in ginger-garlic paste for some time. These mutton pieces are then fried along with some typical Indian whole spices in a karahi. After the mutton has changed the colour, more ginger-garlic paste is added to the mutton pieces along with coriander powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt and cumin powder. Tomato and onion puree is added to the mutton and the meat is cooked perfectly till it’s tender, soft and succulent. The gravy is then garnished with ginger juliennes and served. 

As the nip in the air is already being felt, it’s the perfect time to savour karahi gosht for lunch. Do try the curry this weekend and let us know how you like it.