What To Eat In 'Kanpur', One of The Happiest Cities In The World
Image Credit: Kanpur

Who doesn’t love travelling and exploring new places? And when you get to travel to a place or a city that has been labelled as the happiest city in the world, there could be nothing better. You know what? The Happiest City Index has recently released a list of the 40 happiest cities in the world. These 40 cities are ideal for the tourists. Best part of this news is the list has one Indian city too. Uttar Pradesh ‘Kanpur’ has grabbed a spot in the list, and we are very proud. 

Known for its large-scale leather production, happening nightlife, busy markets, rich heritage and of course, the delicious food, Kanpur is not new to us. We all have heard of ‘Hasrate Lucknow Basrate Kanpur, Surmayi hai Bareilly aur Kaatilaana hai Rampur’. Kanpur was ranked as the 11th happiest city in the list of 40 happiest cities in the world. Measured on several happiness factors, Kanpur is also ranked 9th in the friendliest people factor. As per the reports, the cost of living here is 311.38 and the average life expectancy is 70.42. Besides, Kanpur is also in the list of top 10 sunniest cities in the world. And talking about the Kanpuriyas, it is one of the top 10 cities with the friendliest people. 

On all these aspects, each city was scored between 1 to 40 and considering their performance, were assigned scores. For instance, 40 points would be awarded to the metropolis having the most sunshine hours. And this was repeated for every one of the five variables. After each five happiness factors for each city were added, the total was divided by five to attain the happiness number.  

For many of us, happiness = food and when Kanpur has grabbed a spot in the list of happiest cities in the world, it is totally fair that we talk about some famous local food in the city. If you are a foodie, this guide will make your trip to Kanpur much easier. Have a look!

Bachulal Khaste Ki Kachori 

If you are looking for khasta kachori for the morning breakfast in Kanpur, head to Bachulal Khaste and have the crispy and scrumptious kachori served with aloo ki sabji and raita. Believe me, once you try this kachori, there is no looking back.  

Price for two: Rs 150 approx. 

Timings: 7:30 am to 8:30 pm 

Address: 112/336, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur 

                            Image: Instagram/our.cholebhature

Bhikhram Sweet’s Milkshake 

Bhikharam Sweet House is a popular sweet joint in Kanpur serving the best milkshakes. Best part of this place, which is over 120 years old, is that you can find everything traditional here from kachori to raita, from sonth ki chutney to aloo ki sabji served on leaves. 

Timings: 8 am to 11 pm 

Address: 25/1 A, Mall Road, Karachi Khana, Kanpur 

Price for two: Rs 300 approx. 

Thaggu Ke Ladoo 

‘Aisa koi saga nahi, jisko thaga nahi’, this is the slogan of Thaggu ke ladoo, an outlet in Kanpur which is over 50-years old. Loaded with dry fruits and nuts, the ladoos at this joint are famous across the world. Besides, the joint is known for serving the delicious Badnam Kulfi. 

Price for two: Rs 250 approx. 

Timings: 11 am to 10:30 pm 

Address: Shop H-1/381, Model Tower, Avon Market, Kanpur 

                            Image: Instagram/talesbytalz

Babbu Meat Wala’s Keema Mutton 

All the meat lovers, this place is a paradise for you. From Keema kaleji to keema mutton, all the dishes are loaded with spices and too delicious to handle. This place is famous for serving the best Keema Mutton in the city. 

Timings: 1 pm to 4:40 pm & 6 pm to 11:30 pm 

Address: Nagar Nigam Market, 29, Labour Colony, Nagar Nigam Market, Govind Nagar, Chawla Chawraha 

Price for two: Rs 400 approx. 

Baba’s Chicken Biryani 

Kanpur’s Biryani represents the city’s origin. Cooked in desi ghee and whole spices, this biryani is only made on special occasions. Baba’s Chicken Biryani is famous not just in Kanpur but people from other states too when visit Kanpur, do visit the place. 

Timings: 12:30 pm to 11:00 pm 

Address: 79-80, Naveen Market, Parade, Kanpur 

Price for two: Rs 400 approx. 

What say? When are you visiting Kanpur?