Kachori To Petha Gilori, Exploring 8 Famous Dishes Of Gwalior

The regional cuisine of India has a special place in the heart of every foodie all over the world. With delicious taste and plenty of flavours, Indian food has become a major attraction for tourists from many countries. They visit different cities and try the local dishes. Speaking particularly about Gwalior, this city is known for its magnificent architecture and heritage. 

However, besides being a land of many temples, palaces, lush-green parks, museums and historical forts, this city is also a paradise for food lovers. There are many cafes and restaurants in Gwalior that give you the taste of local flavours of that region. Even eating on the street stalls will give you a heart-warming culinary experience. 

Here are the top eight foods you must try in Gwalior: 


First day in Gwalior and not sure what to have for breakfast? Try the finger-licking kachoris in the city. Made with various flavourful ingredients, these crispy and delicious delights have the right amount of spices and are served with flavourful sabzi and chutneys. Besides breakfast, kachoris can also be relished as an evening snack. 


Apart from kachoris, Gwalior is also famous for its mouth-melting laddoos that are prepared in desi ghee. The motichoor laddoos of the city are always fresh as they are in high demand at any time of the day. Even if you are not a big fan of sweets, the fragrance of boondi getting fried in the ghee will surely pull you towards the shop. 

Lambi Pani Puri

Known as golgappe, pani puri, puchka and batashe, this classic street food is everyone’s favourite. But have you ever heard about ‘lambi pani puri’? Made with mashed potatoes, spices, sweet tamarind chutney and hot water, it is extremely delicious. Available in every street of the city, it is also pocket friendly. 

Paneer Jalebi

If you are a die-heart fan of jalebi, then do try this variety of the sweet treat in Gwalior. We usually pair it with samosas, fafda and rabri, but these crispy and spongy jalebis are perfect to relish on their own. Made with freshly strained paneer, it is sweeter, denser and thicker than your regular jalebis. 

Karela Chaat

No, it is not what you are thinking. This chaat is not made from bitter gourd. This is rather a variety of papdi chaat. It is just that instead of using papri, they add karela on the plate which is usually deep-fried in the form of dough sheets. In the beginning you might hesitate, but the overall taste of this chaat is simply delicious and fulfilling. 

Petha Gilori

If you have a sweet tooth, then do try petha gilori of Gwalior. Besides laddoos and paneer jalebi, this sweet treat is surely going to steal your heart. It is a unique and delicious mithai that has the flavour of paan, mint, supari and gulkand. You can also bring a box of petha gilori for your family. 


This is a tasty snack of Gwalior that both locals and tourists relish every day. Made with flattened rice, peanuts, onion, potatoes and spices like cumin and mustard seeds, it is also seasoned with lemon juice. You can also pair poha with your evening tea. This soul-satiating snack is a healthy option as well. 


Besides kachoris and samosas, there is another popular breakfast item in Gwalior called bedai. This is a deep-fried dish made with flour and is traditionally paired with spicy potato curry. Bedai is available in restaurants as well, but we suggest you try from the street vendors for the best taste.