Hangover? 5 Juices To Get Rid Of It
Image Credit: Juices For Hangover

Remember the feeling of waking up after lots of drinking a night before? Yes, the one where your head is ready to break open. There is no escaping a hangover. Much has been said about this bane of humankind. But yet once in a while, you drink your blues away. In such situations, the following day is full of worthless vows and regrets. How to identify hangover? It is typically recognized by signs like aching muscles, nausea and headaches. You might want to sleep or feel tired the entire day, chiefly because alcohol tends to dehydrate you. However, much has been said about what to drink to cure a hangover. 

Here are 5 simple drinks that you can drink to get rid of a hangover in minutes. 

Lemon and coconut water 

Do you know that coconut water is one of the best remedies to get rid of alcohol intoxication? Drink a glass full of coconut water after when you wake up. You can squeeze a little lemon juice in coconut water before consumption as lemon breaks down the alcohol's effect, which cures a hangover immediately. 

Sugar and salt solution 

The solution of salt and sugar is considered a great way to eliminate intoxication. Simply mix black salt and a spoon of sugar in water to get rid of the hangover. The body gets energy from sugar, and black salt eliminates the hangover by flushing out the toxins from the body.

Banana shake

Have a glass of banana shake in the morning as banana also tends to cures the hangover. But keep in mind, do not use sugar at all while making the shake. This will fix the hangover, and there will be no weakness in the body. 

P.S. You can use honey instead of sugar.

Pear juice

Pear juice is considered a panacea in getting rid of a hangover. If the hangover is causing headache and vomiting, then drink pear juice. Vitamin C present in it nourishes the body, which helps in fighting a hangover. So how to make pear juice? 

  1. Cut the pear into pieces and blend them in a mixer. 
  2. Add a little water, honey and ginger to it. 
  3. Your pear juice is ready. 

Mint and cucumber juice 

Mint and cucumber juice can also be made to get rid of the hangover. Along with this, it also gives adequate nutrition to your body. Your stomach feels light after the consumption of this juice.