Join The Non-Alcoholic Drinks Trend With These Delish Mocktails
Image Credit: Mocktails are the drink trend of 2022. Credit: Pexels

In 2022, a strong shift of drinking trends has been towards non-alcoholic beverages. Cue it to the urge of getting fit or wanting to get rid of the beer belly, recipes of non-alcoholic drinks have been one of the top trends searched for, online. While alcoholic drinks have their own charm, non-alcoholic beverages have also found their footing with foodies. Gone are the days when you had to choose between various flavours of cold drinks, if you were avoiding alcohol. This is the year of tasty alcohol-free mocktail recipes. From parties to family get togethers these non-alcoholic beverage recipes are guaranteed to be a sure shot hit, and are extremely easy to make. With more people turning towards moderated drinking and a healthy lifestyle, having a selection of mocktails at your parties, seems to be a good choice to make the non-alcoholic drinkers feel welcomed and comfortable. If you’re new to the world of making mocktails, here are a few recipes that you can experiment with: 

1) Non Alcoholic Bubbly Drink

This drink gives the look and feel of a glass of Champagne. The Non Alcoholic Bubbly Drink is a simple 3 ingredient recipe, made from water, Ginger Ale and White Grape Juice. If you want to add some flavour to your mock champagne, consider adding coconut syrup to give it a tropical twist. As mango is a seasonal fruit currently, you could also choose to add a dash of mango syrup and mix it along with the coconut syrup to boost the flavour profile of this drink. This drink can be enjoyed by teenagers and could make for a crowd pleaser at their birthday parties. 

Credit: Pexels