6 Dishes To Explore The Amazing Health Benefits Of Java Plum
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In India, jamun is primarily produced in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, and West Bengal. The ideal climatic conditions for growing jamun are hot summers and moderate rainfall. The fruiting season for Jamun is May to July, during which the trees produce abundant clusters of oval shaped purple berries. The jamun tree makes small white flowers, and then the dark purple fruits grow from those flowers. Jamun is native to India but now also grows in other tropical places around the world that are hot and humid, like India.  

Beyond its delicious taste, jamun is highly nutritious and offers many health benefits. Here are some of the health benefits of jamun, aka Java plums.  

  1. It increases haemoglobin and iron levels in the blood. This improves oxygen flow in the body.  
  2. The fruit's astringent properties help prevent acne and keep the skin fresh and clear.  
  3. Jamun is rich in vitamins C and A. This boosts skin and eye health. As per the National Library of Medicine, iron purifies blood too.  
  4. According to the National Library of Medicine, potassium in jamun keeps the heart healthy. It prevents high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. It also keeps the arteries healthy.  
  5. Jamun leaves have antibacterial properties. This prevents gum bleeding and infections when used as a powder. The bark decoction treats mouth ulcers.  
  6. The fruit has antibacterial and anti-malaria properties. It prevents common infections.  
  7. Jamun can treat diabetes symptoms like excessive thirst and urination. As per the National Library of Medicine, it has a low glycemic index to maintain normal blood sugar. The seeds, bark, and leaves also treat diabetes.  

Look at some of the easy and tasty recipes made with jamun:  

Jamun Panna  Image Credit: Freepik

It is a sweet and tangy, refreshing drink made from jamun fruit. Boil the jamuns in water with sugar until they become very soft and mushy. Once cold, strain the mixture through a sieve into a bowl to remove the seeds and skins. Season with a pinch of salt, ground cumin, and lemon juice. Mix well and chill this juice by pouring it over ice cubes in a glass. This vibrant purple drink is often served alongside snacks or sweets.  

 Jamun Pani Puri  

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The tart, sweet, and salty drink makes for the perfect accompaniment to crispy pani puri.  Add the jamun to a blender along with water, green chillies, mint leaves, and black salt. Blend everything until smooth. Then strain out the solids, leaving just the rich, purple jamun juice. Stir in lemon juice, roasted cumin, and chaat masala for extra complexity.  

Jamun Jam  Image Credit: Freepik 

Deseed the jamuns and add them to a sauce pan along with a stick of cinnamon. Over a low flame, cook the fruit gently, allowing the juices to be coaxed out, after 10–15 minutes, until they begin to soften and collapse. Add sugar and cook over low-medium heat, all the while stirring continuously. The moment the desired consistency is reached, the jam must be removed from the heat so it does not overcook. Once cooled, the velvety, shimmering jamun jam is ready to be enjoyed all year, boasting a complex sweet-tart flavour and the essence of summer captured within.   

Jamun Kalakand Shots  Image Credit: Freepik

Boil the milk and add vinegar to it to curdle. Drain the liquid, add sugar and cook for a few minutes until the milk solids and sugar form a paste. Separate the paste into two parts. Flavour one part with cardamom. On the other hand, mix in jamun fruit puree. Layer the cardamom and jamun pastes into glasses. Top with jamun puree and a cherry. Your Jamun Kalakand shot is ready.  

 Jamun Juice  

To make refreshing java plum juice, begin by removing the dark purple fruit from its stone. Place the separated fruit into a blender, adding sugar and chilled water to balance the flavour. Pour the juice into a glass and garnish with a mint leaf. Serve chilled for a cooling treat on a hot day.   

Jamun Raita  Image Credit: Freepik

Jamun raita is a refreshing yoghurt-based Indian snack that provides a delicious balance of sweet and spicy flavours. Combine ripe jamun with cool and creamy yoghurt in a bowl. Then, dice one or two fiery green chillies and stir them. Season the mixture with a pinch of salt and sprinkle in fragrant spices like chat masala, a zesty blend, along with some red chilli powder and earthy roasted cumin. Finally, chop fresh coriander leaves and mix them throughout the chaat for a pop of herbal flavour. Serve it with chapatis or parathas.