Jaipur Government Decides To Change Kids’ Lunch Menu At Anganwadi Centres
Image Credit: via Express

The Department of Women and Child Development in Jaipur has been toying with the idea of changing recipes for food items provided to children in the Anganwadi centres, following the unfavourable feedback they have received regarding the taste. The system which was initiated in 2022 to provide children between the ages of 3 and 6 quality nutrition via foods such as sweet daliya, fortified moong dal khichdi, sweet and salty rice crisps, fortified premixed food and upma premixes, came to the conclusion that the number of children eating in these care centres have diminished over time.

A committee which has been formed to examine the issue in depth have been asked to suggest a set of new food items which will be nutritious and also encourage children to eat prepared meals that are available three times in a week. The food items – which have been made available under the Poshahar scheme – are going to be changed, by taking a leaf out of menus from neighbouring states like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. In addition to the revision, nutritionists and medical health professionals will also be consulted while conceptualising the new recipes.

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In order to enhance the taste of the food items, vegetables and enhancers in the form of fats like ghee is also being included in the agenda. The scheme, which covers pregnant women and children to avail optimal nutrition, will be implemented with improved recipes following which feedback will be taken from Anganwadi workers about how the children respond to it.