It's Time To Try Fruit Teas
Image Credit: Image credit: Pexels| Fruit Tea Jar

Have you become bored of having the same old tea? It's time to make your next cup of tea a little more interesting with some homemade tea recipes. Fruit teas are a delicious blend of fruit flavors that may be consumed hot or cold. With just a few pieces of fruit, this fruit-infused tea is a pleasant beverage that will hit the spot. Fruit tea is simple to make; simply soak aromatic fruit, dried fruit, herbs, leaves, blooms and petals, and other ingredients in your ordinary tea. The magic is in the hot water, which extracts the flavors from the components. For a refreshing summer treat, serve it over ice or hot 

Fruit Tea 

Pick a good high-quality black tea that hasn't been flavored. You can choose any black tea kind you like, but avoid those that are already flavored with fruit or other strong flavors because you can't be sure how well the fruit will blend with them. Choose the fruit. tastiest fruits that are sweet and flavorful. Peaches, apricots, raspberries, melons, strawberries, and other fruits are a few examples. Wash the fruit and cut it into little pieces after it has been washed. Prepare the tea. Fill the 950ml heat - proof glass container with either one teabag or a spoonful of tea leaves. Fill the pot halfway with boiling water. Remove the teabag or contained leaves after 3 minutes of steeping. Keep the fruit chunks in. Cover the jar and set it aside. Remove the fruit with a strainer. If serving hot, pour the fruit tea into mugs or cups. If serving cold, chill for half an hour before pouring into an ice-filled glass. 


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