It’s Time To Savour Some Stollen This Christmas
Image Credit: Stollen bread by Cafe Noir

Stollen or Christstollen is a tradition dating back to 14th century Germany. Stollens may come across as those rich, sweet bread but before that era it ws just hard and tasteless. Germans baked stollen loaves at Christmas to honour princes and church dignitaries, and to sell at fairs and festivals for holiday celebrations. Our favorite legend pertaining to Stollen Bread is that the hump on our loaves represents the humps of the camels that carried gifts to the Christ Child on the first Christmas.  The candied fruits and raisins represent the precious jewels and gifts in the camel’s packs.

Earlier Stollen used to be weighing 30 pounds. It so much became a part of Dresdeners' lives that they were cut and served with special, stollen only utensils. It’s a tradition to keep the first piece of stollen was set aside so that it ensures that the family can afford a stollen the following year. 

We bake our wonderful stollen loaves with care, and the intention that your family and friends will enjoy this delicacy that dates back hundreds of years. Enjoying Stollen is a custom that has brought joy and meaning to many holiday celebrations.  

The Dresdner Stollen, even has a GI tag indication since 2008 and this Jeweled bread has now become a must serve Christmas delight. 

Marzipan Stollen Bread

Here’s the exclusive recipe by Chef Souvik Ray, Executive Chef, Café Noir Bangalore

Serving portion – 9 no (250 gms )

Preparation time – 2 hours

Baking time – 22 minutes 


Unsalted butter – 2 kg

Caster sugar – 40 gms 

Icing sugar – 500 gms 

Whole egg – 8 no 

Refined flour -1250gms 

Alcohol soaked fruits- 1015 gms 

Fresh yeast -80 gms

Milk-200 ml

Salt- 10 gms

Honey-150 gms

Lemon zest- 3 no lemon 

Cardamom powder – 15 gms  


1)    Take milk add yeast, 400 gms of refined flour , salt  & 40 gms caster sugar , just knead it , till it forms a smooth dough  and keep it aside at room temperature  for 45 minutes for proving

2)    After the dough has risen, add remaining flour, eggs, honey , cardamom powder, lemon zest & 50 gms butter  then mix well ,  take out the dough then add  soaked fruits with small quantities  and mix by hand , once done keep the dough for 2 hours for resting for proofing. 

3)    After that, divide the dough 250 gms each again and rest for 25 min. 

4)    Share it into log form with marzipan filling 

5)    Keep it for final proofing for 40 mts in room temperature by covering it with a damp cloth.

6)    Bake it at 190C for 22 mts. Take it out when golden brown in colour.

7)    Melt the remaining butter, take out the white impurities to make clarified butter , cool it down to room temperature in liquid stage , Dip the bread in clarified butter and roll it in icing sugar . 

8)    Slice it and Serve it at room temperature