It’s All About Luxury Italian Dining Here
Image Credit: Sorrento at Shangri-La Eros New Delhi

When you think of experiencing the best of Italian in the Capital, one place that tops the list is Sorrento - Shangri-La's - Eros Hotel, New Delhi. This fabulous restaurant has left no stone unturned when it comes to giving its patrons one of the most memorable dining experiences. 

This 60-seater dinning place, that sees a live kitchen where you get to see your pizza being hand made from scratch to sipping in some of the finest wines, Sorrento sees an extensive menu. With the launch of their new menu a little while back, Chef Gagandeep Singh Sawhney and his team of experts have combined their creative skills to conceptualise a menu that sees an much exciting mix of authentic and modern Italian dishes.  Sorrento takes an innovative approach to Neapolitan cooking, a cuisine that has a history of almost two thousand years.  While Naples made its culinary name for Pizza, there are plenty more delicious dishes to enjoy if you are a lover of Seafood, Pasta and Lasagna.

The new menu sees all the classics like Sorrento’s Mozzarella Bar, Caesar Salad on Wheels, Signature Panzanella Salad, Classic Minestrone and Asparagus Veloute, served with fresh Italian Foccaia and some sun-dried tomato dip to start with. What caught my attention was how the whole array of ingredients Romaine Lettuce, Baby Gem, Poached Egg, Anchovies, Chicken was brought to the table to make the Ceaser Salad. It also exciting to see chefs showcase their culinary art live. The next in line was Tuna Tartare that saw Yellow Fin Tuna Tartare, Capers, Shaved Fennel Salad, Sundried Tomato, Fijian Avocado, Lemon, Wild Rocket, Redish, Shallot, Sesame Seed, Crispy Sago. Artistically plated this dish was an absolute melt in your mouth. This was followed by Ravioli Ricotta that saw ravioli sheets stuffed with Baby Spinach , Parmesan, Nutmeg laid on a bed of Fresh Tomato Sauce. This plate changed by perception to a well-made fresh tomato sauce to which I was always reluctant. 

As the glasses kept getting filled with some wine, the whole experience around the remarkable Italian journey made me keep looking for more on the table. Chef Gagandeep made sure the menu served saw a good mix of veg and non- veg options and adding to the list was Lobster Risotto. This dish saw some Iranian Saffron, Grana Padona, fresh Rosemary along with some Crispy Caper Bud. If lobster are your love then no way this one can be given a miss. 

Keeping that little place for the iconic Tiramisu, here you get to taste the interactive Tiramisu, which means it’s again made on the table as you see your favourite dessert getting plated with the drizzle of some coffee on top. 

With the new menu diners can also opt for the new family-style sharing platters, diners can now enjoy delicious rustic Italian dishes with friends and family. The extensive menu on the list simply makes it impossible to finish all your favourite selection also in one go. This delightful culinary and cultural experience is surely topping my dining list in the city.