How often do we crave sweet stuff when we are on a diet? The answer is almost every day. When you try to resist something, it tends to come back stronger to you like a boomerang. Keeping yourself in shape and maintaining a diet regime is extremely important but at the same time, digging into your favourites once in a while is also a good practice. That’s how the concept of cheat days emerged we think. It keeps you motivated to keep doing what you do. Since Holi was just a few days back, we bet that most of our diets went for a toss and we ate to our hearts content. 

That’s what Mrunal Thakur did too. The Indian television actor, who has featured in both Hindi and Marathi shows, was spotted celebrating Holi in Rajasthan’s small city called Bikaner. While her Holi was all things colourful and full of life, it was her cheat day meal that made us drool the most. Amidst the host of Holi ki party stories shared on her Instagram handle, there was one titled cheat day with the location tagged as Narendra Bhawan, Bikaner. Any guesses what she’s having? Hint: It is something sweet. 

Source: Mrunal Thakur/Instagram Stories

 The picture is that of a slice of chocolate cake with powdered sugar and droplets of orange juice. We also notice sliced oranges beautifully placed on one side of the plate. The oranges are chargrilled since there are black spots on them. With the sun rays falling on the plate, it looks even more appetizing. Seems like the Jersey actor has a huge sweet tooth because she chose a dessert for her cheat day. 

While she may be indulging in her cheat dessert, we won’t let you cheat on your diet. Here are some healthy recipes that you can enjoy too. 

1.  Healthy Chocolate Brownies 

Made from vegan chocolate that is semi-sweet, the brownie batter is thickened with black beans and sweetened with date syrup. Rolled oats add the crunch to the gooey brownie and the sprinkle of pistachios on top gives it an additional crunch. 

2.  Healthy Hummingbird Cake 

This is a gluten-free recipe. The hummingbird cake comes covered in a cream cheese frosting and greek yoghurt which is flavoured with cinnamon. Stuffed with fruits like bananas and nuts, the cake is sweetened with natural honey. 

3.  Healthy Banana Muffins 

Made with whole wheat pastry flour, the banana muffins are packed with the goodness of flaxseeds and almond milk. Mixed with mashed ripe bananas, the soft and mushy batter for the muffins is poured in the moulds and baked.