It’s Time To Learn About Types Kitchen Knives!
Image Credit: Kitchen Knives

We use knives every single day. I mean no one can imagine cooking and chopping or cooking for that matter, without using a knife. But these knives can be for different purposes and if you don’t know about each knife, how can you dream of becoming a kitchen expert? 

If you just want to start creating the best collection of knives without wasting money, here is the selection of integrated kitchen knives that will satisfy your cutting and chopping needs.

Slicing knife

Slicing knives make the slicing tasks much easier and faster. You can literally slice any fruits and vegetables using this knife. 

Bread knife

Bread knives have long blades and serrated edges so they can be easily cut and made through crispy bread, fluffy pastries or softer meat without shredding or chopping them up.

Chef’s knife

This is the type of knife you can find in everyone’s kitchen. This is for almost any work in the kitchen, cutting vegetables from cutting chicken and everything in between.

Kitchen shears

Kitchen shears are not really a knife but a pair of scissors. It is used for a variety of cutting activities. The best example is cutting parsley or coriander leaves with it.

Meat cleaver

A large knife with a rectangular blade has many functions. It is often used to cut bones. They come in different sizes and weights so you can buy the one that suits you.

Paring knife

From chopping, cutting, mincing and removing seeds from the chillies, paring knives have it all. 

Tomato knife

Specially designed to cut tomatoes without spilling all the juice, tomato knives are perfect for cutting tomatoes.

Boning knife

A thin blade of boning knife and flexible blade that tapers towards a sharp end is used to effectively remove bones from meat.

You don’t need to be a culinary expert, but after knowing about these common kitchen knives, you will feel confident in cooking.