Israeli Man Breaks Record By Growing The World’s Heaviest Strawberry
Image Credit: Source: Freepik

When winter comes, my heart jumps with excitement. The reason? Because, the vast array of seasonal fruits are up for grabs during this season. However, if you ask me to name my favourite winter fruit, I’ll surely say strawberries. The red-hued, pretty-looking and delicious fruit has been my favourite for a long time now. Quite versatile, this fruit is often incorporated into a variety of delicious dishes, from cheesecakes to smoothies. Not gonna lie, I often conceive the thought of having an endless supply of strawberries. If not that, at least one strawberry should fill me up for a longer time. However, I had no idea that this thought would actually come true one day. Yes, you heard it right. An Israeli man has grown a huge strawberry breaking a world record.

An Israeli man named Ariel Chahi has grown a gigantic strawberry that weighs around 300 gms. The Guinness World Records (GWR) gave the man a thumbs up for growing the world’s heaviest strawberry that weighs 289 grams, is 8 cm long, 4 cm thick and 34 cm in circumference. Take a look:

The man broke the previous record of the world’s heaviest strawberry weighing 250 grams. That strawberry was grown by Koji Nakao of Japan. The GWR took to its Instagram handle and posted the video of weighing the strawberry. It's been just 11 hours since the video was uploaded and it has already gathered around 799k views, 69k likes and hundreds of comments. The video shows the man weighing his iPhone first and then proceeding to weigh the strawberry. While the iPhone weighed just 194 grams, the strawberry was nearly 100 grams heavier than it.

The comments section has some funny responses too. A user said, “If they dip it in chocolate, it might also win title for largest chocolate covered strawberry ever given to a partner”, while another commented, “Imagine your grandchild just sees that and immediately eats your record! Wyd?”.

Are you amazed enough? We know you must be craving some strawberry goodness. 

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