5 Tips To Feed Nutritious Food To Your Children
Image Credit: Unsplash

A lot of parents go through one common challenge I.e., feeding healthy and nutritious food to their children. Children have a natural hatred towards anything which is green or healthy, isn’t it? Children in their growing age require the right amount of nutrition for their overall health and wellness. From fruits to vegetables, to grains and pulses, every single item provides one or the other benefits to the children. And if you are struggling hard to feed all such healthy foods to your children, we have your back like always. 

It is essential to offer a variety of flavours and textures on the plate to the children so that they can get attracted. Besides, one should also engage the children in meal planning or preparation processes to increase their excitement towards eating healthy. Here are some tips that can help in feeding healthy food to the children. Have a look: 

Keep Healthy Food Accessible 

It is advisable that parents should keep a variety of healthy snacks like washed and cut fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain crackers, readily available and within the reach of the children. This makes it easy for children to grab nutritious options when they're hungry and they don’t have to rush for unhealthy options. 

Give Fun Names To The Dishes 

Funny and attractive names always excite the children. Give healthy foods creative and fun names to the dishes and ingredients. This playful approach can make healthy foods more appealing. Children often enjoy dipping their food. Offer healthy dips like hummus, yogurt-based dressings, or guacamole to accompany veggies or whole-grain crackers. 

Engage Their Senses 

Involve children in the process of exploring and experiencing new foods. Encourage them to touch, smell, and describe the textures and flavors of different foods. Also, minimize their distractions during meals. This helps children focus on the taste and experience of eating, promoting mindful eating. 

Feed Them Small Portions

One must always offer small portions of new or less-favored foods to the children. This reduces the pressure and makes it less overwhelming for children to try something new. On special occasions, one can try creative ways to incorporate healthy foods into treats like snacks or desserts. 

Have More Family Meals 

Whenever possible, have family meals together. Eating as a family provides a positive atmosphere and role modeling for healthy eating. Use books, videos, and activities to teach children about the benefits of different foods. This can help them understand why certain foods are good for their bodies.