Is Your Coffee Safe For Consumption? FSSAI Suggests Easy Test At Home
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Be it the early morning rush or late night work, if there’s one thing that can keep most of us going, it has to be a cup of coffee. It isn't just a beverage, it's a feeling by itself for coffee lovers. Not only can it rejuvenate your senses and awaken your thoughts, it can comfort your soul and satisfy your cravings. Whether it's a frothy cappuccino, a comforting latte or a bittersweet mocha, there's something for all kinds of coffee lovers! You can have it with milk, without milk, just with some sugar or maybe even topped with some cream; let's just agree that coffee is simply divine in all its forms.  

But have you ever thought that your coffee too could be mixed with chicory powder? For the unversed, chicory is a dandelion-like blooming plant with stiff, hairy stems and light purple flowers. This plant has a coffee-like flavour that is described as between earthy and nutty. 

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Many researches have shown that chicory powder is often used for consumption since ancient times. While it does come with many benefits, different bodies react differently to it. In research published in Comprehensive Reviews In Food Science And Safety, it has been shown that the most common chicory root side effects include stomach cramping, gas, constipation, diarrhoea, and many similar digestive problems. 

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) thus recently took to Instagram to share a post explaining how to check the purity of your coffee. In a simple test, they demonstrated the adulteration of coffee with chicory.  

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FSSAI suggested that you simply need to fill a clear glass with water. Then add some coffee powder from the top. The unadulterated coffee would first float on the surface, and slowly get dissolved with the water. However, the adulterated coffee will float on the water's surface but would dissolute faster with water.  

Isn’t the test so simple? So go on and take this easy test with your coffee at home and find out if it is adulterated or not.