Is ONDC Really Cheaper Than Zomato And Swiggy? Find Out

Our lives have got much easier these days, isn’t it? No matter when we feel hungry, all we need to do is just one click to order our favourite food online. If I ask you about your preferred food delivery platform, some will say zomato while some would go for swiggy. And why not, these food delivery platforms have excelled in satisfying our food cravings in just a couple of minutes while offering interesting offers and discounts. However, a new player has risen and already started capturing the market.  

We are talking about ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce). ONDC is a platform which allows restaurants to sell food to the consumers directly I.e., without any third party. It allows the customer to buy clothes, food, cabs, movie tickets, groceries and even electronics with just a click. Owned by the government, this food tech platform has been working since September 2022, but its popularity gained momentum in the last few months. As per a report published in Livemint, this platform has crossed the 10,000 daily order mark.  

ONDC was first used in Bangalore in September 2022 but now, it has started growing in so many different cities too. The Netizens are quite impressed as ONDC’s food delivery rates are cheaper as compared to food delivery rates in zomato as well as swiggy. Slurrp also tried out the latest food tech platform and the results impressed us too. We tried placing an order of Rs 345 on all three platforms. The total bill amounted to 430 on zomato, Rs 393 on swiggy and Rs 383 on ONDC. 

                              Image: Total Bill on ONDC, Swiggy and Zomato

Wondering how to use ONDC? Well, we have your back like always. ONDC doesn’t have a separate app, rather it works more like UPI. It can be added to applications like PhonePe, Paytm etc. As per Livemint, ONDC has more than 29,000 sellers that are selling 36 lakh plus products. To use ONDC, go to your Paytm app and type ‘ONDC’ in the search bar. Now, order food from your favourite restaurant. But you must know that not every restaurant is selling food through ONDC as it is a relatively new platform.