Is It Time To Replace Your Cookware? Here’s How To Know
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Caring for your kitchenware is also a way of taking care of your kitchen; and that doesn’t only mean washing and drying them from time to time. It comes as no surprise that kitchens and cookware have evolved with time, which means that heirloom kitchen vessels are a rarity and might not necessarily be something that everybody is lucky enough to possess. Well-cared for kitchen tools mean that they can be utilised for longer than usual but that being said, some of them will need to be replaced for want of safety and good health, to begin with. Here’s how you can tell when it is time for you to get new cookware or kitchen equipment.


It is said that dull knives are more dangerous to use than sharp ones as the possibility of cuts and slips is higher. Of course, sharpening your knives is one way to prolong its usage but if you find yourself experiencing difficulties with the grip on the handle or futility in sharpening the blades, it is about time you replace them with a fresh set.

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Wooden Cookware

Spatulas, rolling pins, cutting boards or even wooden spoons start to see bacterial growth on the surface with repeated usage, even if you clean them up. Additionally, there is a high chance that due to constant washing up, they might develop cracks in the wood, which might again lead to the thriving of unwanted organisms.


Food Processor

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The best way to maintain your food processor is to wash and dry each part thoroughly before putting them away. However, if you find it to be an upward struggle to grind or chop ingredients efficiently and the blade appears to be dull, investing in a new appliance is the best way forward.

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Stainless Steel Pots & Pans

Although steel cookware is one of the most durable options for any kitchen, there is a chance that your pot or pan might have a loose handle or a broken part which might throw off its balance over an open flame or stovetop. Water spots or discolouration from exposure to heat happens only on the surface of stainless-steel utensils but make sure to buy new ones if the damage is to the structure.



While it might be true that small, hand-held electric appliances are meant to make cooking convenient, purchasing a high quality electrical appliance is of utmost importance. With blenders, chances of damage occur when the motor burns out or overheats quickly or the appliance is not able to work its way through mixtures that are too thick. If you have a blender that is leaking or emits a burning smell, it is time for a new one to take its place in your kitchen.