Is Honey Diet Good For Weight Loss?
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What Is A Honey Diet

Mike McInnes, the inventor of the honey diet, found that athletes who consumed foods high in fructose, such as honey, burned a lot more fat and had higher levels of stamina as well. Honey fuels the liver's production of glucose. By forcing the brain to generate chemicals that burn fat, this glucose maintains the brain's blood sugar levels elevated.

Simply swap out your daily sugar intake for honey to reap the benefits of the honey diet. You should also drink three spoonfuls of honey mixed with hot water every evening before bed. You will see a significant decrease in weight if you combine this with an exercise programme (try to exercise three times each week).

How It Works

According to McInnes, the majority of us have trouble losing weight because we eat too much-processed food and sweets. The body starts to burn more fat during the first few hours of sleep when honey is consumed before bed. When you take it a step further and completely eliminate refined sugar from your diet in favour of honey, the brain signal that drives you to eat more sweets is restored.

Results from the honey diet have been astounding. However, keep the following in mind:

Replace Sugar With Honey

Take sugar out of your diet. You must therefore stop using artificial sweeteners as well. Instead of using refined sugar in your tea, coffee, and cereal, use honey. Watch what you make so that you don't add any sugar to it as well.


Processed food that provides empty calories is referred to as junk food. Stop eating junk food to get the full benefits of the honey diet.

Unrefined Carbohydrates

Choose unrefined carbohydrates instead of refined ones since white pasta and rice made with refined white flour might raise blood sugar levels. Instead, choose wholemeal flour since it is easier on the stomach and keeps you filled for longer.

Consume Protein

Maintain a lean protein intake, but make sure to eat protein with every meal as it will help you stay full and prevent a blood sugar spike that triggers cravings.

Be Careful With Fruits

Fruits are a practical alternative for dieters, but keep in mind that most fruits have high sugar content and may interfere with your honey diet. Choose low-carb fruits like berries and rhubarb if you want to increase your fruit intake.

Avoid Potatoes

Your body's insulin levels may increase if you consume any kind of potato. You have to refrain from eating potatoes while on the honey diet.