Is Eating Only 800 Calories A Day Healthy?
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With rising pressure among people to have a perfect body type, they often compromise with their regular healthy diet. VLC (Very Low Calorie) diet helps lose weight in a shorter period while putting safety and sustainability on line. 800 Kcal a day falls under the VLC diet category, which physicians usually recommend to those who quickly lose weight due to medical procedures or health consequences. It is highly recommended to follow a low-calorie diet rather than a very low-calorie diet under a physician’s supervision, helping you longer life and a healthier lifestyle.

What happens when it comes to calorie intake?

Calories aren't bad for you as most foods and drinks contain calories. But when it gets to calorie consumption, both ends of the spectrum, be it high calorie or low, can be hazardous for health if not meticulously planned and prescribed by a physician or a nutritionist keeping the patient’s body in mind. "It's challenging to feel satisfied and get good nutrition on a very low-calorie diet. Besides, consuming as few as eight hundred calories might not give you the energy you need for regular physical activity and daily living, especially if you eat the same foods every day," says Mr Nitin Seth, Vice - Chairman, G.D Foods (Tops).


  1. It is not healthy to eat only 800 calories a day. A study suggests that one person should consume at least 1200(women) and 1500(men) calories a day to live a healthy life and build a healthy body. Anything less than that can be done if one is under medical supervision.
  2. You will lose weight if you intake fewer calories than required. However, restricting intake to fewer than one thousand calories every day can lead to fatigue and slow down your metabolic rate. This is because you are not getting enough calories to support the essential functions that keep you alive.