Is Ajwain Water Helpful In Manageing High Blood Pressure
Image Credit: Carom seeds are also known as ajwain in Hindi

High blood pressure or hypertension is not an easy condition to manage. High blood pressure occurs when the force of blood against the artery is too high. Typically, the normal range of blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg. If your blood pressure is consistently above 140/100, you may have a hypertension problem that requires immediate help and expert intervention. While the country is still grappling with the Covid pandemic, several studies have stated that patients with high BP are at greater risk, and recovery in them is also often delayed. It is very essential for them to never skip their medicines and they are also often advised to follow a strict diet with limited intake of sodium. Excess sodium tends to disrupt the water balance, resulting in increased pressure in the blood vessels. They should also refrain from overtly spicy foods. However, there are some spices that could also do wonders for improving the condition, provided you take them in appropriate amounts. Ajwain, or carom seeds are a fine example.  

Carom seeds have antihypertensive and antispasmodic properties. The active component of ajwain called thymol, works as an effective calcium channel blocker. This limits calcium from entering blood vessels and obstruct blood flow. Relaxed blood vessels ensure regulated blood pressure.  

"It consists of an active plant enzyme called thymol  which restricts calcium from entering the blood vessels of the heart which could otherwise result into low blood pressure", says Ekta Sood, Nutritionist and Diet coach, and founder at Diet Dazzle. 

However, the usage of ajwain alone isn't enough. "You need to eat well, improvise sleep pattern, check on quality and quantity of salt in your meals, work out, be hydrated and perform deep breathing exercises", Ekta adds. 

To make Ajwain water, here are some steps you need to keep in mind: 

1. Grab hold of a water bottle. 

2. Add a teaspoon of ajwain or carom seeds in the water bottle. 

3. Let it rest overnight. 

Sip into the infused water next morning. You do not need to drain the water, you can actually chew into the soaked seeds too. 

Alternatively, you can also brew an ajwain tea. 

1.Take a pot.  

2. Add a cup of water to the pot or the vessel and bring it to boil 

3.Add a teaspoon of ajwain, and half an inch of ginger root. 

4. Let the tea steep for 5 minutes. 

5. Strain and serve hot. 

You can include this healing spice to your high blood pressure diet and see the results for yourself. If you sense any discomfort, it is advised you seek expert opinion immediately.