From Mousse To Doughnut: Irresistible Dessert Recipes To Try This Monsoon
Image Credit: Monsoon Dessert Recipes

Monsoon brings the occasion to binge on fried savouries, and significantly fewer people give credence to sweets in making the weather exciting. So how can we not gulp glazed doughnuts while it is raining? All you need is a good company along with some desserts to savour. So we have listed two classic desserts that can be relished during the rainy season.

JAMUN MOUSSE by Chef Anees Khan (Yield 6 portions)

Jamun has lots of health benefits in regulating blood sugar level, blood pressure, stomach health, weight loss, and that’s why we used it in a sweet way to get the benefits. So try a spoonful of this creamy, smooth, decadent dessert that is equal to heaven.

Ingredients for Pate bombe

  1. Castor sugar: 60-65 gms
  2. Egg yolk: 40-45 gms
  3. Water: 20-25 gms


  1. Boil the water and sugar till soft boil consistency, and pour it over whisking egg yolks,
  2. Whisk till it's more than triple the volume.

Ingredients for Jamun mousse

  1. Fresh Jamun deseeded: 200-250 gms
  2. White chocolate: 100-140 gms
  3. Whipped cream: 100-150 gms
  4. Castor sugar:100 gms


  1. Add melted white chocolate in the pate bombe mixture,
  2. Whip the cream, keep it aside,
  3. Make a compote of Jamun and sugar, cool it
  4. Add the sieved compote in the pate bombe mix with white chocolate.
  5. In this mixture, add the whipped cream.


  1. In a mould, line it with white chocolate and fill in the mousse.
  2. Once set, join both the mousse and spray it with purple coloured spray.

MANGO GLAZED DOUGHNUTS by Rajesh Roy, Executive Chef, Le Meridien Gurgaon

Try this special doughnut recipe with sweet and spicy green mango glaze and fresh mango.


  1. Sugar and yeast - 20 to 25 gms
  2. Refined Flour - 400-600 gms
  3. Vanilla essence - 4-6 ml
  4. Butter - 40-60 gms
  5. Gluten- 10-15 gms
  6. Water 200 ml
  7. Salt 6-8 gms

For spicy and sweet mango glaze

  1. Black salt and yellow chilli: 15 gms
  2. Black pepper and hing: 2 to 5 gms
  3. Cumin powder (roasted): 30 gms
  4. Sugar: 200 to 300 gms
  5. 1 kg raw mango


  1. Fresh mint leaves
  2. Raw Mango cube


  1. Make the batter, roll and cut into a bit of doughnut.
  2. Deep fry to a doughnut until crisp golden.
  3. Cover the doughnut and decorate with fresh mint leaves and mango cube.