Irregular Bowel Movements? Add 8 Fibre-Rich Foods To The Diet

Monsoons means a rise in humidity which in turn affects the body clock and brings about changes to internal systems as they adjust to the changing weather. When the climes turn, this inevitably has an effect on gut health and bowel movements are immediately affected as a result of these changes in nature. Upset tummies and irregular bowels are a common occurrence during rainy seasons and for those with issues like chronic constipation or IBS, these tendencies are only elevated due to the weather. 

Adding fibre-rich foods to our diet provides the body with roughage to form solid stools that can pass through the gut and promote a healthy excretory pattern. Experts suggest that a good gut is key to good health and wellness. Soluble fibres not only help in absorption of nutrients in the body but also enable a smooth functioning of the gut, boosting holistic health. Insoluble fibres pass directly through the gut and help in the formation of stool. 

A healthy gut is key to a happy mind too, so adding fibre-rich foods to our diet, to promote smooth bowel movements becomes important for maintaining good mental health. Read on below to know more about some fibre-rich foods that can be easily incorporated into every day meal plans for regular bowel movements:


Rich in fibre and filled with minerals, nutrients and antioxidants, oats are an excellent breakfast alternative to start the day. Having oats porridge or an oats paratha in the morning can provide the body with enough dietary fibre to move bowels and lead to healthy and regulated bathroom habits over a period of time.


Along with cruciferous vegetables, beets are also a good source of dietary fibre to add to your diet. Have raw beetroot in a salad to up your intake of vegetables. Other veggies in the salad like radishes and carrots had with their skins on can also help to up the amount of roughage in your gut and regulate bowels by promoting healthy stool formation.

Kidney Beans

An easily available legume which can be prepared into delicious curries, enjoyed with warm rotis, steamed rice and salad, kidney beans will give the body adequate dietary fibre to regulate bowels and form stool which can pass right out of the gut. This plant-based protein is an easy way to include legumes in your diet and up your roughage.


This cruciferous vegetable has garnered much significance for being rich in fibre and antioxidants. It is also an extremely low-calorie veggie option, great for shedding those excess kilos. Studies indicate that broccoli also helps to boost healthy flora in the gut which can fortify the digestive tract.


Have apples with their skins on to reap the most of their fibrous content. As the old adage goes, an apple a day, does indeed keep the doctor away. A crunchy and juicy fruit that is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, apples are a great source of fibre which helps the gut to form stool that can pass smoothly through the digestive tract.


Bananas are a bonafide superfood. Along with being rich in electrolytes like phosphorous and potassium, bananas also have a high fibre content which makes them a very agreeable choice to regulate bowel movements. The starch in the bananas acts as an indigestible carb that helps to give volume to stool.

Sweet Potatoes

Complex carbohydrates that are extremely nutritious, nourishing and light on the stomach, sweet potatoes are not only good for a low-calorie diet but are also rich in fibre. Sweet potatoes form a very good substitute for carbs in every day meals so you can do away with the high GI chapati to instead have sweet potatoes and curry as a healthier lunch alternative.

Green Peas

Green peas contain a bit of protein but they are also exceedingly rich in fibre. They work on regulating blood pressure levels in the body while promoting digestive health. Green peas help to clear the digestive tract, strengthen gut bacteria and regulate bowel movements to promote clean digestion.