IRCTC Launches Food Inspections For Long Route Trains
Image Credit: Unsplash

Railways are one of the most commonly used forms of public transport in India. Be it the long routes or local trains; each common man travels via railways. While the trains like Shatabdi, Vande Bharat, Rajdhani, etc., take care of the food requirements of the passengers during the journey, there have been continuous incidents of bad quality food, expired products, and even dead insects found in some of them.

Due to the reported mishappening with the passengers, Indian railways and IRCTC have started inspecting the food quality on the train as well as the food stalls on the railway platforms quite rigorously. As per reports, the inspections started this year on 14th June. After receiving multiple complaints about the poor quality of the food as well as overcharged food sold by the vendors, the railway authorities ordered a 15-day drive inside long-distance trains. The reports also suggest that the static units will be extended in many railway stations across the country from 24th June.

As per a report, a railway official stated, “Onboard catering services of 101 trains have been checked and based on the findings, punitive actions will be taken against the erring licensees. Further actions were taken to counsel serving staff on cleanliness and hygiene, maintenance of equipment, and restriction on the sale of unapproved packaged drinking water and other PAD items.”

Reports also suggest that the pantry staff available on the trains was educated about the safe ways to handle food, the risk of fires, and precautionary measures in case of any accidents. The railway inspectors are reportedly monitoring six major areas where there is a scope for improvement inside the trains and on the railway platforms. Some of them included a display of menu cards and tea cups that have a minimum capacity of 150 ml.