The 7 Delicacies of Hyderabad That Go Beyond Biryani
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Hyderabadi cuisine, deeply rooted in the amalgamation of Persian, Mughal, and Telugu culinary traditions, stands as a testament to the city's history and the confluence of cultures over the centuries. Beyond the globally acclaimed Biryani, the streets and kitchens of Hyderabad hide an array of lesser-known delicacies that tantalise the taste buds with their unique blend of spices, textures, and aromas.

 The city's culinary identity is shaped by a rich tapestry of influences, ranging from the opulent feasts of the Nizams to the everyday flavours found in the homes of locals. Each dish carries a narrative, a story that unfolds on the plates of those who savour the gastronomic delights of Hyderabad.


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From Irani Chai to Haleem, here are seven lesser-known delicacies of Hyederbad that often get overshadowed by the popular Hyderabi biryani.

Irani chai

Irani chai emerges as a nuanced delight, surpassing the shadows of the famed Biryani. This aromatic beverage is a symphony of strong tea leaves, velvety milk, and the infusion of fragrant spices. Brewed in quaint Irani tea houses, the process is an art, with the 'tandoor' playing a pivotal role. The resulting chai is not just a drink; it's an experience that's robust, spiced, and a testament to Hyderabad's rich gastronomic tapestry.


This exquisite dish goes beyond the more widely known biryani, offering a unique and savoury experience. The preparation of Paaya is an art that demands both time and expertise. The process involves marinating the trotters in a blend of spices that might include cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and a variety of aromatic herbs. The marinated trotters are then slowly cooked, allowing the spices to infuse the meat, resulting in a dish that is not only tender but bursting with rich and complex flavours.

Osmania Biscuit

Osmania Biscuit, a delectable delicacy originating from Hyderabad, stands as a testament to the city's culinary diversity beyond its famed Biryani. These subtly sweet and salty biscuits are known for their unique texture—crisp yet crumbly. Made with a blend of flour, sugar, and butter, the dough is intricately rolled and baked to perfection. The distinct taste of cardamom enhances their flavour, making Osmania Biscuits a beloved treat.


This slow-cooked stew melds wheat, lentils, and meat into a rich, creamy concoction, its flavours meticulously layered with aromatic spices. The slow-cooking process transforms the ingredients into a harmonious blend, offering a symphony of textures and tastes. Garnished with fried onions, mint, and a squeeze of lime. Traditionally savoured during the holy month of Ramadan, haleem is not just a dish; it is a communal tradition, a symbol of togetherness and shared joy.

Broasted chicken

Broasted chicken emerges as a delectable gem, rivalling the city's famed biryani. Marinated in a symphony of spices, the chicken undergoes a unique broasting process, combining deep frying and pressure cooking for a crispy exterior and succulent interior. The result is a harmony of flavours, melding aromatic spices with tender meat.


A unique treat, these delicately spiced minced meat parcels are encased in thin, unleavened bread, creating a symphony of flavours. The meticulous preparation involves a harmonious blend of aromatic spices, creating a sensory experience that goes beyond the famed Biryani. Lukhmi's allure lies in its distinct combination of textures and the rich tapestry of spices, offering a delicious departure from the more widely celebrated culinary gems of Hyderabad.


This Middle Eastern delight takes on a distinct Hyderabadi flair, boasting succulent, marinated meats wrapped in soft flatbreads. The magic lies in the unique blend of aromatic spices, yoghurt-infused marinades, and slow-roasted perfection. As the savoury layers unfold, one experiences a symphony of flavours—charred edges, tender meats, and zesty sauces. Beyond Biryani, Hyderabad's Shawarma stands as a testament to the city's diverse and evolving gastronomic tapestry.