International Women's Day 2024: Women-Led Food Carts Of Jaipur

As March unfolds, ushering in a month of festivals, the celebration kicks off with International Women's Day on March 8th. While this time of year sees companies, organizations, restaurants, and service providers rolling out surprises and special offers to honour women, there remains a significant portion of the female population who are often overlooked in these celebrations. Even within our own families, many women may not actively participate in such festivities unless encouraged or treated by others. 

This Women's Day, we thought to shine a spotlight on some unsung heroines who are making waves in Jaipur with their exceptional culinary skills. These women are leading food carts across the Pink City, serving up some of the finest quality food you'll find anywhere. Despite facing challenges and obstacles, these resilient women are carving out their own paths and making a name for themselves in the male-dominated world of street food. 

Here's a curated list of women-led food carts that are definitely worth a visit when you're in Jaipur. These culinary gems not only offer delicious food but also represent the spirit of empowerment and resilience that Women's Day embodies. 

Aunty's Cafe by Sarita Sharma 

The bustling streets of C-Scheme, Jaipur, stands a timeless café, lovingly run by the gracious 75-year-old Sarita Sharma since its establishment in 1989. Despite the challenges of operating a street-side café, Sarita has transformed all criticisms into compliments, steadfast in her dedication to serving delectable fare. Initially a side venture alongside her government job, Sarita's passion for food eventually became her full-time pursuit, thanks to the unwavering support of her mother-in-law. From humble beginnings, her café now offers a diverse menu ranging from pav bhaji and chowmein to modern favorites like pasta, pizza, and momos. Sarita's resilience and determination have earned her numerous accolades, from recognition by FM radio stations to prestigious awards from universities and women's clubs in Rajasthan, solidifying her status as a master of the best street food in Jaipur. Her motto, "Kabhi Haar Nahi Mani" (Never Give Up), serves as a testament to her indomitable spirit and unwavering perseverance. 

Friend Circle by Garima

This is a food truck owned by the talented Garima. Unlike its counterparts serving mainstream dishes like burgers and pasta, Garima's food truck offers a unique selection of homecooked bread rolls and protein-rich dal chillas. A graduate in MBA supply chain, Garima's passion for entrepreneurship led her to leave a lucrative job and start her own food business. Starting from a modest roadside table with the help of a friend, Garima's dedication and vision have propelled her to success. With a clear focus on offering something distinctive, Garima draws inspiration from her mother's recipes, serving delectable aloo and paneer bread rolls and dal chillas. Over the past year, single handedly, her food truck has garnered rave reviews from satisfied customers, motivating Garima to continue her pursuit of providing authentic, homemade delights to the people of Jaipur. If you're in the area, don't miss the chance to experience Garima's flavourful creations. 

Fire Pizza by Priyanka Arora 

For the past seven years, Priyanka has been the driving force behind her pizza cart business. Initially, her husband kickstarted the venture as a part-time endeavour alongside his job, beginning with a modest kiosk in Raja Park. However, when the pandemic hit, their situation took a downturn — the business struggled, Priyanka's husband lost his job, and their helpers also returned home. Priyanka did not let the shutdown deter her. She took charge and revamped the menu with over 20 varieties of gas-fired pizzas from a compact food truck. Today, near the Statue Circle in Jaipur, she continues to serve top-quality, hand-tossed, hot, and fresh pizzas. Priyanka credits her unwavering family support, especially during her early days as a new mom, emphasizing that women possess the resilience to build or rebuild anything. 

Binge Bite by Sanjana  

Sanjana from Binge Bite, who single-handedly operates her humble food cart, serving delicious quick bites like dabeli, vada pav, and rolls for the past four years. Despite facing setbacks and losses, Sanjana remained steadfast in pursuing her passion. The challenges posed by Covid-19 did not deter her spirit; she bounced back post-unlock, continuing to provide quality dishes to her customers with utmost satisfaction. Sanjana takes pride in offering homemade delicacies, ensuring everything is prepared with care and attention to detail. Her commitment to quality extends to sourcing ingredients, such as ladi pav from reputed suppliers, customized to her specifications. With her dedication and exquisite culinary skills, Sanjana offers a diverse menu of 10 items, including her signature Binge Special Garlic Roll and Fruit Nutella Roll, crafted from her innovative experiments, making them a must-try for all. Her journey exemplifies the power of passion and determination in creating one's own identity and achieving independence.