International Tea Day 2024: 5 Top Tea Festivals Around The World
Image Credit: Unsplash

After water, tea is the most consumed beverage worldwide. Every year, on May 21, people celebrate International Tea Day. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, the day is an occasion to honour the cultural legacy, health advantages, and economic significance of tea. If you're a tea lover, you ought to be aware of several international tea festivals.

Tea festivals are precisely what they sound like: celebrations of tea. In the same way that Coachella or Comicon are like any other kind of festival, tea festivals are vibrant, cheery, and full of people who are interested, curious, and knowledgeable. Tea tastings, panel discussions, enjoyable outdoor activities, and tea garden tours are often all included—all under one roof. Global delegates, experts, and traders come together for international tea festivals, which promote global awareness of all things tea-related. Those who appreciate tea and want to see it in all its splendour should attend tea festivals.

National Tea Day, The United Kingdom

Every year on April 21st, people celebrate National Tea Day. In the UK, people celebrate their love of tea on this day. On this day, tea parties are conducted all around the nation. The festival honours traditional teas that have been around since the 1600s and showcases future trends in tea. National Tea Day also aims to unite aspiring tea lovers and inspire them to sample and enjoy a variety of teas from across the globe.

National Tea Day is another excellent opportunity to honour sustainably produced teas while also encouraging tea vendors to provide better prices. In partnership with tea firms, several events are also planned for this day with the goal of raising money for charities.

Boseong Green Tea Festival, Korea

The Boseong green tea festival is held in the spring. People from all over the nation come together to enjoy the several kinds of green tea cultivated in this tiny area of Boseong. The most exciting aspect of the festival is that attendees are invited to participate in every step of the tea-making process, from selecting tea leaves to manufacturing them to gift-wrapping them in pretty boxes. At this event, one may also sample different foods prepared with green tea as the primary component. These foods include flavoured chocolates, green tea ice cream, and green tea pastries.

Assam Tea Festival, India

The Assam Tea Festival, commonly known as the Jorhat Tea Festival, takes place from November to January. The Assam Tea Festival celebrates the world-famous Indian tea variety with music, tea, and fun. Tea growers' festivities attract visitors from all around the world. The Winter Tea Festival is mostly held in the Jorhat area, which is famous for its tea plantations. Aside from being a terrific chance to taste the flavours of Assam tea, the festival is also a good way to learn about the numerous procedures involved in making a tasty cup of tea.

Taiwan International Tea Expo, Taiwan

Taiwan hosts the annual Taiwan International Tea Expo in the first part of November. Participants and delegates from all over the world come to the event, which lasts for four days. This event aims to spread awareness of Taiwanese tea culture worldwide. In addition to offering seminars and talks on cultivating, producing, and harvesting tea leaves, this festival features an amazing assortment of Taiwan's and the world's most renowned tea seeds, varieties, and goods.

Los Angeles International Tea Festival, America

Los Angeles, sometimes referred to as the "City of Angels," hosts one of the largest tea festivals in the world for tea enthusiasts. Enthusiasts of tea find additional appeal in the star-studded location and the Hollywood Hills. Like everything in Los Angeles, the festival is modern and fashionable; thus, events frequently feature oddball pursuits like tasting tea-flavoured cuisine or attempting tea pairings. In addition to accepting volunteers, the festival invites tea lovers to attend. This event is often held in August, when the weather is ideal for experimenting with and enjoying tea.