7 Traditional Indian Breakfast Dishes To Pair With Chai

International Tea Day, May 21, 2024, is the day for all chai lovers to profess their love for their favourite beverage to the world. Today, no one can mock you for drinking tea multiple times a day in the office or at home. You can simply tell people that you are celebrating your most preferred drink.

In India, people have tea right after waking up, with breakfast, post lunch, and after dinner. No matter what the weather is, a chai lover will find an excuse to drink the beverage. Here is an assorted list of traditional Indian breakfast picks that complement the flora, aromatic, and spicy notes of tea, irrespective of the variety.

Puri Bhaji

In Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat, you will notice people relishing puri or kachori bhaji for breakfast. This dish comes with a call for a hot cup of tea. Every sip of ginger and cardamom tea completes every bite of deep-fried puri or kachori and spiced aloo bhaji. It is a deadly combination after which it would be hard for you to keep your eyes open despite consuming caffeine.


In Gujarat, thepla is served with mirch ka acha, sabzi, and chai. Thepla is soft Indian bread consumed as breakfast as well as a snack during tea time. You can consume it with herbal tea if you are trying to adapt to the health practices for the consumption of tea. The flavours of black tea, jasmine, ginger, or rose tea will gel well with the slightly bitter notes of fenugreek leaves in thepla.


Upma is a popular choice in South as well as North India. Usually made with rava and seasoned with mustard seeds, chana dal, and curry leaves, this dish also accompanies tea quite well. The strong flavours of Indian spices and curry leaves go a long way with ginger, cardamom, and spices in tea. 

Aloo Paratha

If you love parathas, especially aloo parathas, you know how delicious they taste with a cup of tea. Serve a hot aloo paratha accompanied with butter and tea, and your guests will be impressed. The stuffing of paratha, made with potatoes mixed with green chillies, cumin seed powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder, and garam masala, tastes well with spicy and aromatic notes of tea.

Sabudana Khichdi

On this International Tea Day, try marrying sabudana khichdi with a cup of tea. This will be one relationship that you will never wish to break. Tapioca pearls cooked in ghee, peanuts, and green chillies make for a breakfast recipe. Top the khichdi with coriander leaves and lemon and serve it with a cup of masala chai or soothing herbal tea. 

Idli And Dosa

While in South India, people like to pair idli and dosa with filter coffee, chai lovers only prefer tea. Plain idli dipped in sambar or a masala dosa served with coconut chutney and tomato chutney go well with a cup of tea. The savoury flavours from the dish marry the sweet and aromatic taste of tea. Try ginger tea with either of the two delicacies, and you will forget about pairing any other beverage.


Poha is another famous choice of breakfast pan India. Flattened rice cooked with vegetables, green chillies, and a few spices is served with aloo bhujia or sev and pomegranate seeds. Top it with lemon juice and fresh coriander leaves and serve a cup of tea with it. If you haven’t tried it, pair poha with masala chai for a burst of flavour in your mouth.