International Foods That Work In Indian Kitchens

India is known for its gamut of culinary cuisines that come from every corner and community which dwell on its soil. While each region is known for its unique gourmet culture, which have been evolving since times immemorial, newer global trends have also crept in the Indian kitchen in the recent times, of course with a desi twist. With the health industry carving a more prominent place, Indian epicureans nowadays have started experimenting with healthier options of food, thus letting the International food trends to creep into the Indian scullery. So what are the International food trends that you can see in Indian kitchens now? Take a look.

The Burger- Young and old, dote on this combination snack of bun and meat patties. Whether you talk about Mc. Donald’s or Burger King or the crispier version of this American bun sandwich of KFC, the burger has found a significant place in the Indian kitchen. If you are a bon vivant in search of varied tastes across the country, you can get a taste of burger with an Indian twist with the Vada Pao, the famous Maharashtrian quick snack with potato patty in between a bun bread. 

Pizza Sandwich- Another simple easy-to-make-at-home recipe that combines the ingredients of pizza and sandwich with a healthy twist, the Pizza Sandwich can be a great evening snack option especially for kids. You do not even need a pizza bread, for a normal loaf will do the trick. Chop carrots, capsicums, red and yellow bell pepper tomato and toss them in a blob of butter, spicing it up with some pepper and mixed herbs. Then sprinkle them evenly on one bread which must be brushed with pizza sauce beforehand. Then add some sweet corn and loads of grated cheese and put another bread slice over it. Put the sandwich on a non-stick pan and cover it to cook it on low flame for 10 minutes. Your healthy, pizza sandwich snack will be ready to be served to your little ones and even guests. 

Chicken Steak - Whether you like it with white sauce or with barbeque dips, chicken steaks are turning out to be a hot favourite with Indian gourmands who wish to live a healthy lifestyle. Simple to make and light on the tummy, this nutritious, wholesome meal comprises soft chicken breast pieces marinated with garlic, pepper and salt and tossed on grilled pan and then dunked into the sauce of your choice. Complement it with herbed rice and dollops of mashed potato and stir fried veggies and you are all set to savour a mind blowing, edifying meal with the right amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. 

Noodles- If you ever get the opportunity of tasting authentic Chinese noodles in China, you will know just why people go gaga over its Indian counterpart. The noodles which is one of the staples of China, is made quite bland and very lightly spiced in China. However, taste the noodles made in Indian Chinese restaurants and you will know the difference. The noodles has also found a prominent niche in Indian households with people sprucing the noodles with finely chopped and fried veggies and adding some pepper to it, making it a much hankered breakfast or quick dinner recipe. 

Pan Cake- Have you ever tried a Bengali Patishapta or a sweet pan cake made with rice pudding and filled with coconut and jaggery based stuff? Well did you know you could make an all wholesome variety of it with chicken and veggies? Yes, the pan cake is just another blend of the International variety of pan cake with Indian dough made with either rice powder pudding or refined flour mixture and filled with lightly tossed shredded chicken and vegetables. Try out this delicacy at home, and you can bet on its simplicity and nutrition content to the core.

These trends are healthy, convenient and just perfect for every household amid the rush of everyday life and can be tried out at home as well without much hassle. 

Satarupa B. Kaur has been writing professionally since a decade now. Always on the go; she loves travel, books, playtime with her toddler as she explores new places and food!