International Coffee Day: How To Brew A Perfect Cappuccino
Image Credit: In Italy, cappuccino means 'little cap’.

For anyone who loves coffee, the day doesn’t quite start for them unless they’ve had their morning cuppa. While I’m not a huge fan of cappuccino, I can’t do without my strong cup of cold coffee either. And while coffee aficionados may scoff at the mention of cold coffee, but that’s the thing about coffee. Every coffee lover has their own set of preferences as to how they like it. Even with classic cappuccinos, some like it extra strong, some like more milk. Let’s not even get into the types of coffees there are – without milk, with whipped cream, espresso and what not. Why else do you think there’s a special day dedicated to the refreshing drink? That's right, International Coffee Day is celebrated on October 1 since 2015 to promote and celebrate coffee as a beverage. Isn’t it great?

And while we all can celebrate it by brewing our favourite cuppa, we are here to help you make that perfect cappuccino, that perhaps is the choice of many across the world. Which is perhaps the reason why a hot cup of cappuccino and a buttery croissant is a typical breakfast in Italy, a place where cappuccino means 'little cap’ aptly describing the head of foamed milk on top of the drink’s espresso base. It is typically lesser in volume than a caffè latte, and has a thicker layer of micro foam. It is known to be richest of all coffee types and hence uses cream instead of milk as the primary ingredient along with double espresso and steamed milk foam. Several other varieties of recipes also involve flavouring with cinnamon or chocolate powder.

If you too are planning to make thick and frothy cappuccino at home, we’ve got you sorted with a perfect recipe along with tips and tricks.

Tips To Get A Thick And Frothy Cappuccino At Home Without Coffee Machine

1. Use fresh milk

2. Always use whole milk as it has the highest milkfat and let it heat till it boils.

3, Whip the milk for froth with an electric mixer or French press for a thick layer. Keep increasing the speed gradually.

The recipe of cappuccino is pretty simple wherein the coffee mix is added to frothy milk along with hot milk and it’s ready to serve! The trick lies in beating the milk well until thick and foamy. Find the full recipe of cappuccino here. Try it at home and share your experience with us.