International Chefs Day: An Ode To 5 Indian Chefs Who Have Served Indian Food On A Global Palate
Image Credit: Let's look at some Indian chefs who have been cooking abroad.

Amidst globalization and intermingling of cultures, every cuisine has evolved in its own unique way, all thanks to our culinary experts who have carried on the legacy with them. Legendary chefs, who are rightly known as celebrity chefs at times, like Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikas Khanna and Vineet Bhatia have become household names so much so that we are familiar with their cooking techniques and styles. However, the big twist takes place when they represent their talent and cooking skills on an international platform. 

Fighting against all odds and carving a niche for themselves and the distinct Indian flavours was definitely not a cakewalk for these chefs yet they have managed to raise the bar and make our tastes famous worldwide. On this special day, here are five Indian chefs who made it big in the international culinary scape. 

1.  Chintan Pandya 

Settled in New York City, Chef Chintan made it to the big game when his newly opened restaurant Dhamaka received dhamakedaar reviews from reviewers and customers alike. Serving popular Indian dishes like Goorda Kapoora and Champaran mutton on his menu, the foreigners and Indians were left amazed, living up to the name of the eatery Dhamaka. 

Source: Chef Chintan/Instagram 

2.  Chetna Makan

From being a fashion student of Jabalpur to moving to the UK, Chef Chetna has seen lots of ups and downs in her life. Her career finally kicked off after her huge stint in the Great Britain Bakers Show where she qualified as a semi-finalist. Apart from actively running a Youtube channel, she has also authored five cookbooks till date, bringing the chaat, chutney and other tangy Indian flavours on the global plate. 

Source: Chetna Makan/Instagram 

3.  Deepankar Khosla 

Balancing the Thai flavours with the Indian tastes doesn’t seem like an easy task but Chef Deepankar has managed to nail it with his Haoma restaurant in Thailand. For instance, the simple food experiences of his childhood have served as an inspiration for his matar ki luchhi. A crusader of sustainability and the environment, his positive campaigns like No One Hungry has successfully fed many mouths. 

Source: Deepanker Khosla/Instagram 

4.  Saurabh Udinia 

No doubt that Chef Sauarbh Udinia’s claim to fame came with his stints at the Masala Library and Farzi Café outlets across London and Dubai, yet his latest venture as an executive chef at Revolver in Singapore has taken the Michelin-star chefs by surprise. From the finest Australian Margra Chops to kulchettes, everything has a touch of Indian-ness to it. 

Source: Revolver SG/Instagram 

5.  Rohit Ghai 

Yet another Indian chef who hasn’t forgotten his roots and brought about a revolution in the foreign culinary scape with Kutir in UK is Rohit Ghai. Striking the right balance between flavours and spices and reimagining traditional recipes, is what has made Chef Rohit leave an indelible impression on peoples’ taste buds. 

Source: Chef Rohit Ghai/Instagram