Let's Indulge In 5 Unique Handcrafted Chocolates
Image Credit: facebook.com/colocalchocolates

Chocolates are something quite magical and go-to liquid gold for everyone as we all have that little kid inside of us. Colocal Chocolates is synonymous with India’s own Willy Wonka, established in October 2020 in Chhatarpur, based in New Delhi, with India’s first live chocolate factory. With a second space in Khan Market launched in October 2021, it’s a bean to bar, craft chocolate brand with an artisanal cafe. 

Being an Indian single-origin, hand-crafted chocolate maker with unique flavours and enchanting experiences, each cacao pod is hand-harvested, plucked, sorted, dried and fermented before it arrives at the Chocolate factory for the subsequent steps. The Chocolate produced includes added cacao butter and less sugar, without any flavourings or preservatives. Every batch made is crafted with flavours using well-fermented cacao beans sourced from a producer from a specific location in India, hence Indian single “origin”. With only two ingredients in the chocolate, they can’t hide behind added flavours. The beans must speak for themselves, and each batch can stand on its own with a distinct flavour and character maintaining consistency. Additive insight is that the brand works directly with farmers and pay a premium price for high-quality cacao bean, which help them achieve fair trade.

We believe in bringing smiles to our colocal family’s faces on every occasion by launching limited editions. So what’s better than an amalgamation of dates, nuts, and chocolate for such a fun-filled week. So we came up with an array of filled dates:

  1. Hazelnut Filling: Slow roasted hazelnuts made into a gooey filling amplifying the flavour profiles and complimenting our 55% dark chocolate coating.
  2. Roasted Hazelnut: Soft dates stuffed with freshly roasted hazelnuts and coated in 55% single origin chocolate enriching the nutty nuances. 
  3. Roasted Pistachio: Fresh dates are filled in with our slow-roasted pistachios enhancing the nuttiness, coated with 55% single origin chocolate. 
  4. Roasted Cashew: Whole Cashew stuffed in the pitted chocolate coated dates balancing the sweetness with the crunch. 
  5. Classic Dates: Simple and classic dates dipped in 55% single origin chocolate.