India's Award-Winning Konark Cheese Impresses Global Foodies

Nothing perks up a summer brunch than chunky wedges of soft, rustic cheese, and this summer you need to explore Eleftheria Cheese’s newest release, the Konark. Shaped like an Indian Chariot wheel, the ‘Konark’ honours the famous Sun Temple in Odisha. The semi-hard cow milk cheese blends the French tomme style of cheese-making with Indian components. Last year, Konark scored a ‘Gold’ at the World Cheese Awards 2023 held in Norway, while the label’s brown cheese Brunost and goat milk feta cheese Medallion won ‘Super Gold’ titles. 

“Our 'Konark' Cheese pays homage to the iconic Sun Temple in Odisha, drawing inspiration from its chariot wheel frame. It's handcrafted by our cheesemakers using milk sourced from a single-herd dairy farm nestled in the heart of rural Maharashtra,” says Eleftheria’s Mausam Narang.

The cheese is aged for two months and features a gorgeous and natural rustic rind which is reminiscent of this style of cheese. “The rind carries a beautiful 'petrichor' aroma and encases a smooth, pale ivory interior, providing a supple yet slightly firm texture for a delicious mouthfeel,”  Narang adds.

Eleftheria is a Mumbai-based label which was founded in 2015 by Narang, who aspired to make world-class artisanal cheeses in India using quality indigenous ingredients. One of their most acclaimed releases has been the Norwegian-style brown whey cheese Brunost, which tastes like a salted caramel milk fudge with brilliant lingering toffee notes and is made by heating leftover cheesemaking whey.

Konark is available online and is sold by wedges; each wedge of Konark weighs roughly around 230-250 grams and the cheese has earthy, nutty, and herbaceous notes, which are complemented well by a refreshing tangy finish. Its fantastic melting capability also makes it an excellent choice for fondue, gratins, and grilled cheese sandwiches

“Konark pairs very well with hot honey, plum preserve, dark chocolate, charcuterie and crusty bread. Its fantastic melting capability also makes it an excellent choice for fondue, gratins, and grilled cheese sandwiches,” Narang shares. The cheese is available online and the early reviews suggest that the Internet is already a fan of this homegrown cheese by Eleftheria. “Fantastic stuff!! Have been using the Konark for almost 3 months and can't get over it,” a customer wrote on Instagram. “One of my favourites,” wrote another foodie.