Indian Vada Pav Ranks In Top 20 Best Sandwiches In The World
Image Credit: Pexels

Vada Pav, the heart of the Bollywood capital of India, Mumbai, has been a traditional treat for ages. The deep-fried potato fritter (vada) sandwiched between a soft bun (pav), filled with chutneys and often accompanied by a green chilli, had made its way to the entire India. As of now, vada pav is not just made traditionally; there are so many variations of toppings, fillings, and flavours catering to different palettes.

The good news is that vada pav has now made its name known around the world. In the list of Best Sandwiches of the World by TasteAtlas, vada pav has ranked 19th, making a call for celebration. It is indeed a cultural win for India to rank amongst the world-famous Shawarma, Reuben, lobster rolls and much more. So, to celebrate the win, why don’t you try the different types of vada pav?

Different Types Of Vada Pav You Must Try

The Classic Mumbai Vada Pav

The classic Mumbai vada pav will top the list of types of vada pav you should try, as it has made its way to people’s hearts and also created history. If you want to make the traditional vada pav at home, boil some potatoes and deep fry them. Then, take freshly baked pavs and layer the insides with red and green chutneys. You can also add chopped onion to enhance the crunchiness of the vada pav. Place the potato fritter in the middle and enjoy with a green chilly.

Cheese Vada Pav

Cheese lovers, assemble. If you’re someone who loves to add mouth-melting cheese to a dish, you should try the popular cheese vada pav. All you need to do is add a slice of cheese on top of the fried aloo vada that’s placed in the pav buns. You can also add some extra chilli chutney to balance out the flavour and cook for a minute or two till the cheese melts. Now, you can relish the molten cheese with the classic flavours of vada pav.

Schezwan Vada Pav

If you want to add some more spice to your vada pav, you should try making the Indo-Chinese fusion of vada pav with some Schezwan sauce. There’s not much you need to do to make this street-style fusion. Just get a bottle of Schezwan sauce, and instead of adding the regular chutneys, layer the pav buns with the sauce. Place the aloo vada in the centre with some chopped onions and green chillies, and you can have all kinds of spicy food in this snack.

Maggi Vada Pav

In recent years, the popularity of instant noodles like Maggi and so is the idea of its fusion with other traditional delectables. You can make Maggi vada pav by making the vada with instant noodles instead of boiled potatoes. Apart from this, you can celebrate vada pav’s rank among the World’s best sandwiches by eating it with red chilli chutney or a fried green chilly to get a burst of flavour.

Jain Vada Pav

Jain vada pav is a renowned traditional version that is in sync with the dietary restrictions of people who follow Jainism. So, a Jain vada pav does not include onions, garlic, or potatoes and is made with bananas, peanuts, and Jain-friendly chutneys. It’s no surprise that vada pav is among the best sandwiches in the world, as even after considering the dietary restrictions, it offers an impeccable taste.