International Tea Day 2021: Know-How Indian Herbs Can Make Your Tea Nutritious

Let’s admit that for most of us, our day doesn’t begin until we have had our first cup of hot tea. Apart from its refreshing taste, tea has immense health benefits like lowering blood pressure, increasing metabolism and boosting immunity, making it a much-preferred beverage. The work-from-home culture since the past year has led tea lovers to grab their cup of tea more often than before in an attempt to increase their productivity at work. Therefore, it would be safe to say that many of us have now begun to give a twist to their usual tea brew by experimenting with ingredients or with their choice of brewing equipment. This International Tea Day, Nutritionist Kavita Devgan (Tata Tea Gold Care) is sharing common Indian herbs that make your tea more nourishing: 


Thanks to cardamom’s aromatic nature, this spice is used very often in Indian delicacies. Its health benefits, however, are lesser-known. Cardamom activates our taste buds and thus helps in secreting enzymes that aids digestion. It also helps prevent ulcers and regulates blood sugar level. The antimicrobial elements in cardamom are known to treat dental issues and improve our oral health.


Commonly known as Licorice, Mulethi is a wonder root that has been used extensively in Ayurveda to treat disorders like epilepsy, ulcers, blood impurity and ulcers. It is said to have anti-fungal and anti-cancerous properties that help boost one’s immunity. It offers several beauty benefits, such as enhancing hair growth and helping treat rashes and dry skin. 


Known as Holy Basil, this therapeutic herb has been used for centuries across Asia to cure various ailments. Being rich in nutritive value, tulsi can help reduce stress and combat respiratory conditions like bronchitis and congestion. It is also an antiseptic that helps kill bacteria and prevent acne, ageing and allergies.


A common ingredient in Indian households, Ginger is regularly used to treat stomach issues, including nausea and diarrhoea. The chemical compounds found in ginger helps reduce cold, ease menstrual cramps, cures inflammation caused by viruses. Ginger can even protect the liver from harmful chemicals. 


Brahmi has long been used in Ayurveda due to its numerous medicinal properties. Not only is it a good memory-booster, but it also helps in reducing anxiety, heart palpitations, and asthma attacks. It is also known to help lower glucose levels in the blood and is recommended for people with diabetes. 

Given the demands of our hectic modern lifestyles, sourcing these herbs and brewing them diligently might prove to be tedious. Considering this, you can opt for multiple teas available in the market that offers a blend with the right amount of herbs infused in it to make for a nutritive cup of healthy tea.