Are You Aware Of These Indian Food Trucks In London?

Indian cuisine is no stranger to street food delights! And now the street trucks are bringing Indian catering to London. But why food trucks? The one great thing about food trucks is that you can offer the whole menu more personally. When it comes to Indian food markets, London knows what’s up. And here we are talking about rows of tempting stalls every day. However, London has a surplus of afternoon teas, brunch spots, and now the food stalls are ideal for trying new things on a budget. Here we have collected a comprehensive list of Indian food trucks to look out for in London.

The Grilling Greek

The Grilling Greek is the first truck to bring Greek street food to London! This is serving up favourite Greek street food items such as fries, pitas, sandwiches, salads, and more. If you want to eat Indian grill food in London, you can also visit this food truck. Here you will find all the vegetarian and non-vegetarian food prepared/grilled in tandoor. Londonites also like the rolls prepared by grilling meats and vegetables in Indian pita bread or, say, roti. 


You can go to Luardo's to get the taste of Indian food in London. Here, you will get the Indian style of dal, rice, and Indian buns. Indian tikkis are fed by making rolls filled with bread, and then you can also get various options to be eaten with Indian rice. A special dish is prepared by filling the rice in rolls, which are western in appearance but are Indian in taste. Here, western snacks are also served with Indian chutney, spices, and vegetables.

Dosa Deli

If you want to savour South Indian food in London, then you can go to Dosa Deli. Even foreigners cook food very comfortably with these Indian recipes. You will find all types of South Indian food ranging from Spicy Paneer Dosa to Chaat, Vada, Idli, Sambar.