Indian Cuisine Ranks ‘5th Best’ In World, Italy Tops The List

It is always a proud moment for Indian foodies to see our cuisine represented well across the globe. In the world of Turmeric Latte and Butter Chicken Tacos, there are many chefs who are determined to take the true taste of India to the world. And that is, perhaps, one of the reasons Indian cuisine made it to the fifth position on the list of the world’s most popular cuisines of 2022.

The rankings on the list - released by Taste Atlas - were based on the results of an audience poll. People voted on the basis of ingredients, dishes, and beverages. Italian cuisine clinched the first spot on the list, followed by the cuisines of Greece, Spain, and Japan. Turkey, Mexico, the US, and France were among the other countries that made it to the Top 10. Many were surprised to see China, at the 11th position, given its popularity around the world.  

The list managed to irk many on Twitter, with many calling the rankings ‘absolute nonsense’. The list left out many countries that are known for their food culture, such as “Morocco, Ethiopia, Myanmar, and many more”, remarked a user, who also felt “including Lithuania and not Latvia or Estonia is just funny”.

Then there was another user, who was surprised to see Lebanon, Pakistan, Thailand, Jamaica not making it to the Top 10. “What is American food? Oreo”, said a user.  

That said, no one seemed to contest India’s place in the Top 10. Our country scored 4.54 points, and the best rated items included “garam masala, malai, ghee, butter garlic naan, and keema”. According to the poll, the best restaurants to try Indian cuisine are Shree Thaker Bhojanalay (Mumbai), Karavalli (Bengaluru), Bukhara (New Delhi), Dum Pukht (New Delhi), Comorin (Gurugram) and 450 others.