Indian Chutney Ranks 34th On The Global List Of 50 Best Dips
Image Credit: Unsplash

While chutney may often be regarded as a mere sidekick, confined to the periphery of a meal, its significance in Indian cuisine is truly undeniable. From the invigorating freshness of coconut chutney to the tantalising tang of tamarind (imli) chutney, the array of choices for chutney in Indian cuisine seems boundless. No wonder these have now made it to the list of the best dips globally!

Yes, you read that right. Ranked collectively as chutneys at 34th position, our very own Indian dips are making us proud. However, the sweet and tart mango chutney grabbed the 30th spot on the list by Taste Atlas, a travel guide platform that showcases recipes, food reviews, and research papers on food items from around the world.

Not just mango, our south Indian staple coconut chutney came in at 36th, while tangy tamarind and snacks-staple green chutney came in at 48th and 49th, respectively. It looks like the world has finally woken up to the magic of Indian chutney! "Whether Indians are enjoying tandoori chicken or aloo paratha, no meal is complete without the flavourful chutneys—India's national condiments," Taste Atlas wrote while describing Indian chutney on its website. Take a look at the list:

Mango chutney was described as "an Indian chutney made with fresh mango as the main ingredient." It further explained the cooking process and uses and said, "The ingredients are cooked down, sometimes mashed if desired, and the chutney is usually served as a spread or a dip, but it's also used in lots of other ways, such as being added to curries, chicken dishes, snacks, and sandwiches." Speaking of coconut chutney, Taste Atlas described how the best coconut chutney is made "with ammikal, or mortar and pestle, when the chutney is ground by hand."

The top three dips on the list were mutabal, toum, and hummus Beiruti, all from Lebanon. The Mexican guacamole grabbed the fourth spot, while the Greek tzatziki came in fifth. Which one of these have you tried? Let us know your favourite one!