Indian Accent's Shantanu Mehrotra With Corby's, Chandigarh Visit
Image Credit: Instagram: @hyattcentricchandigarh

Indian Accent is renowned for taking modern Indian cuisine across the country as well as overseas. Their innovative menu features Indian cuisine by ensuring that the traditional Indian flavours are complemented with global ingredients and techniques to prepare each dish meticulously.

For the first time ever, Indian Accent recently made its mark in the beautiful city of Chandigarh at Corby’s restaurant, Hyatt Centric. To give you an inside peek, Slurrp did exclusive interviews with the Executive Chefs of Indian Accent and Corby’s Hyatt. Read on to get the inside scoop of the pop that featured Indian cuisine served with utter perfection.

Modern Indian Cuisine At Corby’s Chandigarh

It is worth noting that the internationally acclaimed restaurant Indian Accent was voted the No. 1 Restaurant in India by Conde Nast Traveller and has been on Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list since 2015. The event took place under the guidance of Indian Accent’s Executive Chef Shantanu Mehrotra and delivered its promise of giving the people of Chandigarh an unforgettable experience.

During the interview, Shantanu Mehrotra said, “I have always wanted to be a chef, and my journey from commis chef to Executive Chef of Indian Accent has been really great and scintillating. I started with Old World Hospitality Group way back in 1999, and since then, I have been working with the same people. And with Indian Accent, I have been associated with them since the very beginning, in the year 2009, when we started this restaurant.”

“We were utterly thrilled to bring Indian Accent to Chandigarh and introduce our inventive Indian flavours to the capital of Punjab. I am also excited to share our distinctive approach to Indian cuisine, which celebrates flavours and traditions from all corners of the country with the food enthusiasts in Chandigarh and give them an unforgettable dining experience,” Shantanu Mehritra further adds.

The Pop Up Menu At Corby’s

In collaboration with the Executive Chef of Corby’s, Puspendu Sen, the Indian Accent pop-up was a major hit. Puspendu Sen tells the Slurrp team, “I have been associated with the culinary art since 2000, and it has been twenty-four years of me preparing food and feeding the guests in India and other parts of the world as well.”

The chef further says, “The thing that made us do a collaboration with Indian Accent is that we could connect with their modern Indian cuisine. Here at Corby’s, we follow a similar concept. We believe in serving fresh food, and for that very reason, we only have a la carte and no buffet system. Since both Indian Accent and Corby’s are fond of experimenting with Indian fusions, we planned a pop-up to serve diversified cuisines to the people of Chandigarh.”

Aligning with the concept of the pop-up, the specially curated menu was filled with traditional dishes with a contemporary twist. The meticulously curated tasting menu included exquisite dishes like blue cheese naan, Indian Accent shorba, chaats from the street of Delhi, arbi galawat, crispy sevai, barberry chutney, and much more.

Shantanu Mehrotra says, “My signature dishes on the menu were the morel, chicken murg malai meatball with truffle butter, lamb shank nihari, our signature kulchas, and butter chicken.” For the main course, the menu featured Kashmiri morel musallam, Parmesan papad, green chilli cream, truffles, green jackfruit, sattu roti, bhunja, slow-cooked Lamb Shank Nihari, Tellicherry Pepper Prawns, etc. To end it on a sweet note, the desserts had anar & churan kulfi sorbet, pistachio and white chocolate gujia, rose petal chikki, doda barfi, and many more.