India's First Alcohol Museum Opens In Goa
Image Credit: Photo: Amit Jaggota

Here’s a museum in India which houses artefacts such as an ancient shot dispenser, mud pots to rest the Goan spirit called feni, a corkscrew juicer and glass vats among many other discoveries that had been personally collected and preserved for 30 years by a man named Mr. Nandan Kudchadkar. Located in the beach town of Candolim, the museum ‘All About Alcohol’ is India’s first alcohol museum that is dedicated to showing the technique, culture and history of the locally brewed feni.

Feni, the most popular choice of liquor has a fascinating story. That is why the owner, Mr. Nandan Kudchadkar is excited to share the facts with people. He believes that it is a heritage drink that must be taken globally.

The cashew nut plant which is used to extract feni was imported to India from Brazil by the Portuguese around the 1700s. Since then, the production of feni has taken root in India.

Goa is one of the most popular destinations in India that attracts lakhs of tourists every year. Therefore, another purpose of opening the alcohol museum is to give the tourists another reason to visit Goa and show the world the pride locals take in their heritage.

The museum houses artefacts that were used centuries ago. You’ll love this amazing experience if you decide to visit Goa. Furthermore, this museum shall allow businesses that sell feni to be empowered. It will help do something more for the people by pushing the popularity of the drink.

This experience will be educational for those youngsters who enjoy the drinking culture but do not know very much about the whole story behind feni, and how it came to be such an important part of Goan identity.

All About Alcohol launched in mid-August. It will preserve the artefacts for time immemorial.

Photo: Amit Jaggota