India’s 3 Most Innovative Bars You Should Visit At Least Once In Your Life
Image Credit: Picture Courtesy: Unsplash

If you are tired of spending your weekend pouring beer into your glass in your lonely apartment, you need a change, my friend. After slogging for five days a week at work, your body needs a groove, and your heart needs booze. And what’s better than enjoying a beautiful and aesthetic ambience while sipping on Margarita or a Martini? So here we have listed some of the best bars in the country for your next weekend to be all things fun and boozy.

1. Sidecar, New Delhi

A bar of the 1930s with an old-school ambience, New Delhi’s ‘Sidecar’ is a “bartender’s bar’. It has its innovative liquors inspired by Indianized flavours, making it easier for the trippers to choose Sidecar over the others. Located in Greater Kailash, Sidecar has won ‘India’s Best Bar Award’ in 2021 for the second time in a row. With a wide variety of cocktails and drinks, Sidecar has also found a place in the list of ‘Asia’s 50 best bars in the year 2020.

2. House of Nomad, Mumbai

With skillfully designed cocktails, wines from all parts of the world, and a wide array of Sushi creations, ‘House of Nomad’ is one of India’s best gastro bars to visit. Located in Bandra, it has a vintage charm of a classic Taj creation offering a global menu and an aesthetically appealing ambience. ‘House of Nomad’ can be a perfect weekend getaway if you are in Mumbai and want a quirky ambience, live DJs, and delicious food.

3. Hoots, New Delhi

Ranked 59 in ‘Asia’s Best Bars’ list, ‘Hoots’ is a cosy bar in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, with brilliant service and a comprehensive menu of clarified cocktails. With a quirky and aesthetic ambience, the theme of their cocktail menu is based on the story of three generations of owls. Hoots can be the best choice if you want to enjoy splendid bartending skills, good food, classy drinks, and an intimate setting.

India’s bar revolution is quite significant in placing some of India’s best bars in the list of ‘Asia’s Best Bars’. Its cocktail culture is finally at par with some of its Asian counterparts due to its Indianized cocktail flavours and some of the best mixologists and bartenders. If you are a passionate tripper and want to have a “bucket-list-worthy” weekend, then these bars are a must-visit.