Independence Day 2023: 5 Dishes That Show National Integrity
Image Credit: How many varieties of biryani have you tried? | Unsplash

Independence Day - it is a time to commemorate freedom, diversity, and the unity that binds our nation together. We are a country of different people who not only accept but celebrate these differences. Language, food, clothing - unity in diversity is India's biggest strength. This Independence Day, what better way to honour this spirit of national integrity than through the country's rich and varied culinary landscape?

Each state contributes unique flavours and culinary techniques that come together to form the famed Indian cuisine, representing our cultural diversity. We have several dishes that are cooked across India, but in different ways. Let us look at 5 such iconic dishes:


Biryani, a beloved dish, showcases India's unity by embracing regional variations. From the aromatic Hyderabadi biryani to the rich Kolkata biryani with eggs and potatoes and the delicious Muradabadi Biryani, this dish highlights the nation's cultural amalgamation. Biryani's diversity mirrors India's own, with different states adding their own spices and ingredients to create a dish so diverse yet so specific to regional variations. Just as citizens from different states come together to create a diverse but united nation, biryani brings together various elements to create an iconic dish.


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Paratha, a versatile flatbread, exemplifies India's national unity through its many adaptations. Whether it's the stuffed Punjabi aloo paratha, the layered Kerala parotta, or the flavourful Methi paratha from Gujarat, and the simple maida porota from Bengal, each state adds its own unique twist. Parathas symbolise India's ability to embrace diverse cultures while maintaining a cohesive identity. Just as different states contribute to this dish's rich variety, the people of India contribute to the nation's vibrant culture.


Cheela, a savoury pancake, represents the nation's unity by adapting to regional preferences. While besan (gram flour) cheela is enjoyed across the country, each state adds its own local ingredients. From the Pesarattu in Andhra Pradesh made with green gram to the Chana Dal Cheela in Uttar Pradesh, to Jharkkhand's special chilka roti made with rice flour, this dish reflects how different states infuse their unique flavours into a common base. Just as India's unity thrives on diversity, cheela showcases how a single dish can be transformed in various ways.


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Samosa, a beloved snack, embodies India's national integrity by embracing multiple culinary traditions. Whether it's the spiced potato filling of North India, the minced meat fillings in the North-East, or the unique fillings found in various regions like dal or matar, samosas bring together diverse tastes in one triangular package. The golden crust, which remains same irrespective of the stuffing represents the unity while the savoury filling symbolises the diversity we have.


Golgappa, also known as Pani Puri, exemplifies India's unity through its versatility and regional adaptations. Whether it's called Puchka in West Bengal, Pani Puri in Maharashtra, or Golgappa in Delhi, Pateesa in Jaipur, the essence remains the same – crispy puris filled with a tangy and spicy mixture of either aloo or ragda. This popular street food's various names and fillings mirror the way different states embrace common traditions while adding their own unique twists.

As India celebrates another year of independence, it's important to reflect on the values that unite the nation: diversity, harmony, and freedom. These principles are beautifully depicted in India's rich culinary heritage. Dishes like biryani, samosa, and golgappa illustrate how different regions contribute their unique flavours, ingredients, and cooking techniques to create world famous dishes that represents the nation's unity.