Include These Condiments To Amp Your Meals

As long as we are attempting to support a healthy lifestyle, eating wholesome meals is crucial. Making a balanced and nutritious lunch is, however, much easier said than done for those of us who have a lot going on in our lives. Due to your busy schedule, you most likely don't have hours to spend in the kitchen every night. Fortunately, there are a few condiments you can use to quickly transform your meals into something special and delicious. You can whip up a meal that is both healthy and delectable in a matter of minutes by using some unusual ingredients and thinking outside the box. 

Here are five condiments to keep in mind if you want to eat healthfully but simply don't have the time to prepare handmade meals every night. With the help of these condiments, you can transform bland meals into something really amazing. 

Greek Yogurt 

Do you think that Greek yoghurt is only used in breakfast? Rethink that! Greek yoghurt can offer a delightful zest to a plethora of basic foods, and it gives a boost of live cultures that help improve gut health to your meal, too. A plain Greek yoghurt can be used to bring more nourishment and a distinctive flavour to potatoes, cake batter, and even salad recipes. 


Yes, pesto is typically used as a pasta topping, but this basil-based sauce is so much more versatile and can quickly transform a variety of dishes! Use it as a dip for hearty cheesy bread, a marinade for chicken, and a topping for veggie and cheese sandwiches. Although purchasing pesto from the market that is created with high-quality ingredients is a great alternative, handmade pesto is undoubtedly the best. 

Garlic Mayonnaise 

We are aware that cooking with mayonnaise is nothing new. But if you use a garlicky mayonnaise, your chicken salad, sandwich, or burger will go from ordinary to out-of-this-world wonderful. Simply combine some mayonnaise, some finely minced garlic, and a little lemon juice to create this condiment. Alternatively, you can lean on a store-bought version of garlic-enriched mayo for an easy condiment that requires no prep. 

Peanut Sauce 

A peanut sauce may be used for so much more than just dipping, whether you create it yourself or purchase a market version. A delectable peanut sauce can be used to coat chicken for a peanut-flavored protein dish, added to cooked or raw vegetables for a filling side dish, or even drizzled over pasta for a nutty starchy side. You may have to add some water or oil to "cut" the sauce if it is too thick. But ultimately, using this sauce should lend itself to a simple dish that takes very little effort to make. 

Dark Chocolate Spread 

The delicious grand finale that is dessert is possibly the best way to gauge the success of every dinner. Hazelnut chocolate spreads, which taste delicious but don't provide much in the way of nourishment, are fairly common. In place of the traditional hazelnut spread, using a dark chocolate tahini spread can provide dishes that are just as tasty but include more vital good fats and significantly less sugar. Simply sprinkle some chocolate spread on fresh fruit for a delectable and antioxidant-rich dessert for a quick and simple treat.