4 Easy Ideas To Include More Veggies In Your Diet
Image Credit: Eat Your Vegetable Day: Add Veggies To Your Diet

You must have heard it while growing up! “Have your greens”, and some of you might be listening to it till now! According to research, nearly ninety per cent of Americans do not consume the suggested two to three bowls of legumes or veggies every day. Many picture vegetables as boring, unappetizing and bland. But fret not, they don’t ought to be! With June 17th being National Eat Your Vegetable Day, Clinical Nutritionist Dr Vikki Petersen highlights the health benefits of herbs and greens. Know how they are an essential staple for every diet.

Here are Dr Vikki Petersen’s best ideas to include vegetables in your diet:

Slaws and Salads

Salads are super-rich in vegetables! Arugula (healthy lettuce) is an excellent base, but you can add finely sliced green onions or sauteed red onions, red cabbage, baby kale, shredded carrots, ripe avocado and tomatoes to have a satisfying meal of 3-4 servings of vegetables. Top with some hemp seeds, ground flax, toasted almonds to boost fat and protein content.


Smoothies can be fun! This potable beverage is an excellent start to your day with an easy serving of vegetables. Baby kale or spinach is an easy addition of potent vegetables that, when combined with frozen fruit, nut butter and non-dairy milk, are “shielded” from your tastebuds while giving improbable fitness benefits.

Gravies and Sauces

Finely chopped cauliflower, kale and broccoli are quickly added to tomato gravy that can be a part of curry or poured over pasta. After chopping your vegetables into tiny bits, lightly saute or steam will make them undetectable in your curry or pasta meal.


Garlic and onion (the allium family) are excellent flavourings that improve taste superbly while giving unimaginable wellness benefits when sauteed at the inception of meal preparation. The key is to saute thoroughly after chopping them finely.

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