In The Mood To Party At Home? Here Are 6 Décor Ideas To Try
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Creating an ambiance that makes your friends and loved ones feel welcome into your home can feel like the most daunting task at hand. While the pressure of hosting duties lies solely on the person throwing the party, no intimate gathering would feel complete without appropriate decorations that can enhance the vibe of the evening further. Sure, the dishes you make and the cocktails you whip up will certainly add to the overall mood of your party, but a few more personal touches could do no harm in elevating the experience you so want to give your guests.

Set The Table

If food is the centre of attraction at your party, then setting up the table is the first thing that must be done. Incorporate colours and shades that are warm – think orange, yellow and rust tones for tablemats, blues and greens for tableware and glasses. Throw in a few tidbits like twigs, flowers and foliage to give your table set-up the best kind of aesthetic feel, before you lay out the platters of food.

Spirited Centrepieces

If you are somebody who enjoys their cocktail, then ensure that your collection of drinks on offer are diverse – so that there is something for everyone. Have a bottle of good whiskey or wine, as well as other spirits to whip up a cocktail within a moment’s notice. Display a couple of different types of barware and have a bucket of ice handy at all times, to accentuate your love of the spirits. Turn pre-used bottles into candle holders, vases or even decorate them with fairy lights to make it extra special.

Cosy Lighting

The mood for a laidback party brimming with good food and cocktails can be best set with warm lighting. To achieve this, use warm-toned bulbs, fairy lights draped inside see-through vases or jars, and even candles to get the perfect ambient glow. Make sure that these are out of children’s reach to prevent any accidents or fires.

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DIY A Harvest Cornucopia

One of the best food-centred décor pieces you can set up is a basket brimming with the season’s best and freshest produce. Apart from seasonal fruits, vegetables and nuts like apples, pears, grapes, walnuts and chestnuts, adding a few good cheese varieties, dips and lavash, pita and breadsticks can double up as a grazing board and edible centrepiece.

Well-Stocked Bar Cart

Having a home bar does not need to be an extravagant affair if your party centrepiece is appealing enough to be a crowd-puller. Stock up a mobile cart with spirits, mixers and add an assortment of cocktail tools, glasses and garnishes. Guests can feel free to pour themselves a drink or watch you flex your bartending skills in anticipation of a crisp cocktail.

Personalised Touches

If you plan on inviting a close-knit group of friends and family, personalise some of the décor for to suit their sensibilities. Create placeholders at the dinner table using decorative placards or use old bottle labelled with your guests’ names on them. Make sure to keep some of their favourite snacks handy, if you’re aware of their dietary preferences, and add your own spin to recipes to make them suitable to what you’d typically enjoy.